Alx DanielssonA cold and partly wet Zolder race track hosted the first weekend of World Series with a huge crowd of 87 000 people defying the cold weather. Alx finished forth and tenth in two very exciting races. Next up is classic Monaco GP where WSR will warm up the F1 crowd on the Sunday.

First of all, hats of for the Comtec Racing team! My engineer Roly Vincini has really worked magic on the setup which makes my life a lot easier. Jonathan Lewis runs a tight ship and all the whole team works hard and I have a good feeling it will pay off.

We had four test sessions and we were top three in three of them, which is fantastic. I didn’t even push that hard, the car was just sticking like glue to the track.

Qualifying 1 was a big mess for everyone. 30 big fast racing cars on a small track like Zolder with a maximum of seven laps to post a time spell disaster. A lot of the top guys struggled with traffic. I got an ok lap in, but had to pass two cars and got stuck behind a third which put us seventh.

I got a cracking start and overtook three guys before turn 1. One car spun going in which put me third. There was a Safety Car at the end of lap 1. At the restart my tyre temperatures were to low which in turn meant my car was bottoming a lot. A few laps later the gap was around 7 seconds up to second placed Montanari. Once the temperatures came back the car was mighty and I just hade to hang on for the ride. In a matter of laps I was nose to tail. At the same time we had to lap a car. A misunderstanding later and I lost out, nearly having to stop completely not to spin. That was the last I saw of Montanari and allowed Garcia to catch me up. It had also started raining at the far side of the track which cooled my tyres just enough to cause a problem on the rest of the track. I finished fourth in the end. The word “if” comes to mind…

Second qualifying was a joke. At the end of the wet sessions (we are now split in to two groups) there was mass confusion and very nearly a fist fight up in the control room. The whole grid was up there talking in very loud voices in Italian, French, Spanish and English. Pretty much all drivers got at least their fastest laps disallowed which played a big effect on the grid. I was to start P16.

I got great traction of the line and a good first two laps which put me P11. Everybody was stuck in a big train of cars to we took an early pit stop which would have worked out very well if the right front wheel gun hadn’t jammed. I rejoined in P16 which in reality probably was even further back. In the end I finished P10 as the race was red flagged after the rain had started.

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Next race is at the classic Monaco GP on Sunday the 28th at 11:00. See you there!

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