Anders KrohnAfter just coming home from Knutstorp Sweden, Anders Krohn is disappointed with his season start in the Junior Touring Car Championship. Two non-point finishes aren’t what Krohn had hoped for.

But the result of the weekend started a long time before the races. Krohn arrived at Knutstorp in Sweden without any preseason testing in his car.

“Coming to the race without testing is the worst scenario possible, but I tried to make the best out of it.” Not only this, but when it was time for the practice sessions, Anders drove neither due to clutch failure. Krohn started qualifying not having done one fast lap yet in his car, and he only got 5 laps. Result: 14th.

Race 1 was not really good. Some problems with gearing and no speed at all meant Krohn had to settle for 15th. Race 2 was a bit better, but at the start Krohn found himself in the middle of a car hamburger, and fell back to last place. He managed to capture 11th at the end, but later got a 30 second penalty for having hit another driver. Result: 14th.

“You could say it was a nightmare weekend. We came to the track unprepared, and had bad luck during the races itself.” Krohn says disappointed. “We need a lot of testing to be competetive, but the speed in race 2 shows we might be battling for points the next race.”

The next race will be held at swedish Karlskoga, may 27th-28th. “It can`t get much worse, so I’m looking forward to the next race. With pre-race testing though.” Krohn finishes.