Björn Wirdheim

Björn’s comments on Day 3:

“The weather conditions during the race were even worse than at the previous race at Suzuka. We started in wet conditions but had to switch to dry tyres as soon as we possibly could. We ran the remainder of the race on dry tyres but half way through it started raining again. It was probably the most difficult race I’ve ever driven due to the weather, we had to stay out on slicks in the rain hoping that it would stop before it became impossible to continue. Some drivers switched back to rain tyres again and when the circuit was at its worst they were lapping 2-3 seconds quicker than us. But it eventually stopped raining and started drying and we were at an advantage again,”

“Unfortunately I lost out on a podium finish with two laps remaining. I didn’t realize Motoyama was closing as fast on us as he did and when I started pushing again I made a small mistake and ran wide. I managed to hang on to third but unfortunately I was on the wet part of the circuit braking into turn three. Motoyama got by as I skipped through the gravel and after that there wasn’t much I could do”

“Still, we scored points, we were the best Honda powered car and out of three races so far in the season we’ve never finished worse than fourth. So it’s looking pretty good and I’m pleased with our progress. The team did a very good job, once again we had a trouble free weekend and our pit stop was once of the quickest.”