Alx DanielssonAlx Danielsson had a weekend to forget in Monaco. After a good free practice where Alx felt he had the car to compete for pole position everything fell apart in qualifying. Alx had two attempts destroyed by red flags and on his last attempt he was blocked by Milos Pavlovic.

“Milos was making a gap while blocking the track for me even though the blue flags were out,” says Alx. “He should have moved out of line but he didn’t use his mirrors and that spoiled my weekend. It was especially frustrating to read the data log afterwards. Had I finished that lap in the same pace as I started it, I would have been on the first or second row.”

Alx was not the only top driver to see his chances go up in smoke in qualifying. Championship leader Eric Salignon had to start from dead last and Borja Garcia, second in the championship, had to see the race develop from a spectator’s point of view after having crashed early in session.

“Both Zolder and Monaco tend to throw results like these. We did everything right but we were caught out by circumstances beyond our control in qualifying and that meant the end of the weekend right there.”

Alx qualified 16th, a result which was not what he had hoped for. Come race day and things were to get even worse.

“I made a good start, took two places and settled down for a long race. I was up to eleventh with ten laps to go, when I smacked the wall coming out of the Casino. My rear tire temperatures were off the scale and I lost the rear grip mid-corner. Both I and my team mate ended up spending quite a lot of money at the Casino. A bad ending to a bad weekend.”

Even though Alx did not get the result he expected from Monaco, he was very happy with the progress that Comtec Racing showed during the weekend.

“Still, I would like to thank Jonathan Lewis for putting together a great team and Roly Vincini for giving me a great car. Next time I will give Roly and Jonathan a result their work deserves. We are constantly up there and moving in the right direction. The team is still inexperienced in this category and we have a few things to learn but we learn fast and we hope to apply everything we know into the next race in Istanbul. After Zolder and Monaco, Istanbul marks the start of the season in the sense that the results, hopefully, won’t be affected by freak circumstances. Rather, it will be a better reflection of where all the competitors stands and I’m sure that we will be right up there with the best.”