Atte MustonenKoiranen bros. Motorsport had a difficult weekend in the Dutch track of Zandvoort, with heavy crashes and results lower than expected. However Atte Mustonen still scored important points, and has now moved up to 4th in the overall championship standings!

The Free Practice session was going well, with all three drivers showing good pace both on old and new tires. Unfortunately, in the final moments of the session Tomi Limmonen went off in one of the fastest corners of the track, damaging his car and causing the session to finish early.

The double qualifying session also brought some mixed feelings: In the first session Atte Mustonen qualified in 4th position, and Johnny Cecotto in 7th. Both could have done better, but only managed to do a couple of laps free of traffic. There were yellow flags on the track during most of the second session, which prevented many drivers from posting fast lap times. Johnny and Atte were two of these drivers, unfortunately, and ended up in 8th and 9th place. Tomi, still affected by the accident of the previous day, could not repeat his lap times from free practice, and qualified a lowly 15th and 20th.

Johnny was later penalized and moved back to 10th place for “misbehavior on the track”, a decision the race direction could not justify very clearly but refused to change anyway.

Both Atte and Johnny had bad starts in the first race. Atte dropped to 5th and Johnny to 11th after the first corner. Atte remained in this position until the end of the race, but Johnny showed impressive pace and started to gain back positions. His fight back through the field was first stopped by Helmert van der Slik’s over aggressive blocking moves, and a few laps later by Albuquerque’s accident, which caused the race to be red flagged. He crossed the line in 8th position. Tomi was caught out once again in the same corner as in qualifying, and ended his race in the first lap.

In the second race of the day it was Cecotto who stopped in the first lap. A car spun causing great confusion on the track. Johnny tried to avoid it all by taking a very wide line around that corner, but was still taken out by one of the Red Bull cars. His car was too damaged to continue and that meant the weekend was over for the young Venezuelan. Both Atte and Tomi managed to stay out of trouble, but Atte later got in an incident while trying to pass another car, and lost several places. They finished the race in 8th and 15th place.

The team now has a few days to prepare the cars before the long journey to Istanbul, where the 2^nd round of the 2006 Eurocup will take place on June 15th -18th!