Yesterday, July 29th, Anders Krohn finally got his first podium of the season in race two with a great and hard fought 3rd place. However, the joy was shortlived as Krohn was disqualified only minutes later. ”I still don’t get my head around how they can do this!” was Krohns first reaction after the race.

On Friday practice, technical problems emerged and while session one was destroyed due to electrical problems, session two was stopped with brake-problems. Qualifying was therefore no big success, and Krohn finished in 8th.

Race one and the rain was poring down. Krohn took an undramatic 6th place on the flooded track. ”When I passed for 6th, the gap to the leading group were may seconds, so I decided to stay calm and secure 6th place.”

Race two however was to be something of another dimension. Krohn got off the start in 3rd place, and finished the race in the same position. But the race wasn’t that easy. Whilst struggling to keep up 3rd place, Anders was blue flagged. (Blue flag is only given to the drivers caught by one or more laps and mean they have to slow down and let the other drivers past). ”It must be the first time in history that someone figthing for 3rd place gets the blue flag. It’s according to the rules, only allowed to blue flag a driver caught by one or more laps, and I was some metred behind the leaders!” After the finish, Krohn was ready to celebrate, but instead was called to the judges. Disqualified for ignoring the blue flag! ”They said to me that they gave me the blue flag because the drivers behind me was quicker and I wouldn`t let them past. So therefore, when I ignored the blue flag they disqualified me.”

”I fought clean the whole race through, and didn`t do anything wrong! I was pushed by the drivers behind the entire race, but they never got by me, and when they complained to the judges, I was disqualified.” Krohn says disappointed. Last race in Sweden, Krohn got a 2nd place taken away from him, and now also a 3rd taken away. Anders Krohn ending with the words ”Something insn`t quite right.”

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