Anders Krohn JTCCOn August 12th and 13th, rounds 11 and 12 of the JTCC will be held. However with the number 14 car missing, in the form of Anders Krohn. ”At the moment it is the only solution we have.” commented Krohn.

It was a short notice, but Anders Krohn will not be competing at Sweden’s quickest track, Anderstorp this weekend. The reason being safety issues. Every race to date have been filled with technical difficulties, and latest was brake-problems. ”I will not risk coming to Anderstorp with no brakes at the end of the straight or any other technicalities worrying me.” a disappointed Krohn says.

”Trust takes a long time to build up, but only a tenth of a second to tear down” as my personal trainer (Petter Dalen) once said. It`s true also about the car. At the moment I have no trust whatsoever in the car as some malfunctions always seem to come up. Then driving at Swedens longest straight before a sharp corner doesn`t help either.” Krohn admits that he needs testing with the car before entering any race with it, in order to regain trust.

”For this weekend however, I will practice with my ICC-kart, and for why I will tell you later.” A secretive Krohn says about a certain upcoming challenge. ”Exciting!” is Anders`ending words.

Anders pressrelease
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