Alx DanielssonAlx Danielsson made the impossible possible by claiming the World Series title after scoring a fifth place in the season finale at Barcelona.

Coming into the weekend, Danielsson was third in the championship and needed to score big – and that was just what he did. On Saturday he took maximum points by winning the race, taking pole position and setting the fastest lap of the race.

On Sunday, Alx started from third position on the grid, but his main opponents were even further back. Alx was fifth after the first lap, a position he held on to until the finish line, enough to make him overtake Spaniard Andy Soucek with four points in the overall table.

“It’s just unbelievable,” says Alx. “I really thought I was out of it after my two crashes at Spa. Everything just seemed to work against us, although we were always very quick. To end up winning this championship is a fairy tale come true.”

After the two mid-season crashes at Spa Alx was trailing championship leader Borja Garcia with 40 points and the outlook was very grim indeed.

“It took a lot of effort to even get to the next race,” says Alx. “But everyone around me gave me support when I needed it most and I really would like to thank my team, Comtec Racing, for pulling together under really difficult circumstances. They never failed to give me a great car to work with. This victory is a tribute to all the hard work everyone, Jonathan Lewis, my team boss, Roly Vincini, my engineer, and all the great guys in the team, has put in this year. This is for you.”

Alx Danielsson victory is made even more remarkable by the fact that this was Comtec Racings first season in World Series.