Adderly FongAdderly Fong, the youngest Formula V6 Asia driver, has learnt a good lesson at the recent incident at Sepang International Circuit on 6 May 2007, during the FV6A Grand Race at the Asian Festival Of Speed.

“As his coach, I strongly believe that he has no intention in searching for a dangerous corner to overtake. I was convinced that it might be due to his misjudgment in that fraction of a second at the tight corner. This can be evident that the impact was his rear wheel contacted Marchy’s rear wheel” said Michael Ho, of Champ Motorsport.

Ever since the 17 year-old’s participation in the FV6A 2007 season was confirmed, Fong has been undergoing physical training and winter testing in the hopes of achieving a good performance for the new season.

Last year, in his debut race at Zhuhai International Circuit, Fong climbed up the podium in third behind Matt Halliday and Marchy Lee.

At this point in time, the team believes that Fong needs positive reinforcement which can undoubtedly restore his confidence, courage and effort to participate in the upcoming event in June.

Ho goes on to say “I do believe this youngster’s involvement and future success in racing will be able contribute a lot to the future of Asian racing”.