Anders Krohn has just completed his first visit to the famous Spa Francorchamps-track in Belgium, and coming home with mixed emotions. Another two podiums, but not the outcome Krohn had hoped for.

The Spa-circuit was totally different from what Anders had ever driven on, but it was clear from practice-session one that this was to be no big disadvantage. In qualifying, Vuik Racing and Anders Krohn put their car on pole-position for both Race 1 and Race 2 with two stunning flying laps. On pole for Race 1 with 0.569 sec and just over 0.4 sec for Race 2. This now means Krohn has had pole-position for the last 4 races this season. ”It just seems like we are able to pull something extra out of our hat in qualifying compared to the competition. Once again, my car was nothing but perfect!” says an optimistic Krohn after qualifying.

Race 1 was to be Anders` first encounter with a wet track, and rain-tyres. His start was terrible falling back to 5th by the entrance of Eau Rouge, only to regain to 2nd in a real late braking manouvre in the coming right-left section. After that Krohn finished his first race in the rain in 2nd place, not quite capable of moving up to 1st. ”The rain on the track was unbelievable. When it rains at Spa, it rains big-time! I couldn`t see anything. Behind the leader I couldn`t even see my own pitboard, not to mention the checquered flag. When the leader slowed down on the start/finish straigh, I realised that the race was over, not before.” says a happy Krohn, which did a close to perfect first race in the rain.

Race 2 must go down in the history books as one of the most special. The race started off in a good way for Anders, who took the start from pole and held on to the lead for the first half of the race. Mid-way in the race the 2nd placed driver was about 100 metres behind Anders, and thereby managed to catch Anders`draft. From here on it was a tough battle for 1st, and it looked like Anders closed the battle when he passed on the outside coming into Eau Rouge 2 laps before the end. However, on the last lap Anders was slipstreamed on the straight and passed easily, with no chance of answering before the chequered flag was shown. ”It was a highly special race, and also a bit irritating, as I was faster in the corners, but could not escape the incredible slipstream-effects of Spa Francorchamps. On the last lap on the longest straigh, I was not only slipstreamed, but totally passed many metres before the upcoming corner, and then there was nothing more to be done!”

After the race though, controversy rose, when the 1st-placed driver was penalised for a jump-start, meaning the victory was given to Anders Krohn. However, Racing is sometimes a harsh world and suddenly the penalty was taken away. ”It`s strange how you can escape from a thing like that. Many drivers and marshals could confirm the jump-start, but somehow it was no longer a thing to be penalised for.”

Anders Krohn comes home from a successful weekend, but knowing that it should have been just that tad better. ”We have really shown our speed now. Coming to a new track and putting it on pole by over half a second, shows that we are doing something right. I am also happy with my pace in the wet, without ever having driven on it, and the set-up of the car being as good on wet as on the dry.”

Krohn has now moved up to 2nd in the Benelux Formula Ford Championship and hoping to improve further when the Benelux champs continues at Zolder on August 4th and 5th. But first up for Krohn are the coming rounds in the Dutch Championship, which will be held at Assen NL on July 7th and 8th. ”I`m really looking forward to the coming races. We have great speed and now it`s just a matter of putting the pieces into the puzzle.”