Rodolfo AvilaRodolfo Avila was unlucky not to get a good result at a dramatic Brands Hatch’s International Formula Master round. The 20 year-old Macanese showed speed to be a major player during the weekend but experienced a very wretched race meeting.

Avila’s bad luck started on Friday qualifying when he was hit by a slower opponent and was relegated from 5th to 9th in the grid. During the first race on Saturday, Avila was fighting for the points until he had to stop in the pits to avoid a major engine problem. “I had an awful start and I lost a couple of places. That was enough to drop me back from the leading group. When I was on 9th again the engine oil and water temperatures suddenly come up and I had to enter in the pits. It was the end of my hopes”, held Avila who returned to the track to make the 3rd best lap of the race and cross the line on 20th.

With clear skies and a packed house, race 2 saw Avila fighting his way up from 20th to 14th in one lap. Unfortunately the Macanese driver and Rahel Frey come together in the second lap at Clark Curve and ended in the gravel. “I really don’t understand how she could hit me there! Although these kinds of accidents are constantly happening when you are in the middle of the pack” said Avila.

“I’m pretty frustrated looking back at the weekend. I really believe that with a little bit of fortune this weekend we could have scored good points over here. Cram mechanics and engineers did an excellent job in car preparation and I continue to be impressed with the dedication and professionalism of the team and their intense desire to win. My team-mates Jêrome D’Ambrosio and Arturo Llobell won the two races here, and I just need to have different luck because something bad always happens to me”, concluded the driver supported by Macau Government,, BNU, CESLAsia, PAL AsiaConsult, TsingTao, Fat Siu Lau Restaurant, Sujika Crafts and PT Asia

International Formula Master’s round 15 and 16 will take place on 6/7 October in Monza, Italy. Avila is confident that he can get a good result in the last race of the season.