Rounds 9 and 10 of the US Formula 2000 Championship at Road America did not go as planned for Anders Krohn and his team, Andersen Racing. Having to retire from race one in the first corner and starting 37th in the second race was not what they had hoped for. “It was a very difficult weekend for the entire team and myself. All we can do is learn from the races that just went by, and look forward to the next ones.” Said Krohn briefly following the completion of the Road America weekend.

Qualifying for Race 1 went well, and Anders managed to qualify on the front row with his factory Van Diemen car, missing pole position by a mere tenth of a second. “Qualifying was a massive draft battle. It was hard to find a position that would give you a draft all the way around the track, but I was lucky and found just that. It will be exciting to see what we can make of it in the race. The team is doing an excellent job with the car set-up, and hopefully my driving will be likewise.” Commented Krohn.

Race 1 started very well with the 41-car grid rolling down the long front-straight. Heading into turn one, Anders passed the polesitter through late braking, and looked set to grab the lead with an outside move around the corner. The last word was not said though, as the polesitter came back mid corner and squeezed Anders further to the outside, before eventually hitting and driving over his front right suspension, ending both their races in turn one. “Being taken out of the race on the first lap and in the first corner is not what I had in mind at all. I was off to a good start, and then I outbraked the polesitter for the lead. It’s a great shame that this had to happen, specially regarding the loss of championship points. We ha ve to handle with it, and I am sure we will come back strong tomorrow.” Said Krohn.

Qualifying for Race 2 seemed just like a continuation of Saturday’s luck, as Anders was involved in an incident while outbraking and passing a slower car. Anders was on the inside for turn 8, but the other involved competitor reportedly didn’t see Krohn in his mirrors prior to the pass, and turned in. This would end Krohn’s qualifying session before it had really got going, and he would have to start 37th for Sunday’s race. “It looks like we have a massive task on our hands for today’s race. My main goal for the race will be just finishing and hopefully bagging some points for the championship.” Said a slightly frustrated Krohn following qualifying for round 10 of the US Formula 2000 Championship.

Race 2 was to be a very dramatic race. Anders got off to a fantastic start once again, and over the first few laps he gained several positions each lap. But four laps into the race, the rear part of his front shock cover came loose and thereby blocking most of his frontal view. Passing was harder to do, but he still managed to get a couple of more positions in the bag when the safety-car was deployed. Following the restart, the two cars in front of Anders clashed, leaving Anders with nowhere else to go than the grass on the outside of turn three. With this, he lost five positions that he would have to make up later in the race. He did just that, and managed to finish the race in 12th, having advanced 25 positions in 10 green flag laps. “Today’s race was a compilation of hard charging, passing and moments that almost happened. I am glad for Andersen Racing and my sponsors that we were able to bag at least a few points for the championship chase.” Anders said after completing round 10 of the 14 round championship.

Anders Krohn still leads the US Formula 2000 Championship by a healthy margin, but the lead has been decreased. The Road America race weekend was not what Andersen Racing nor Anders Krohn expected, but in racing there will allways be ups and downs. “First of all I want to thank Andersen Racing for staying supportive and 100% focused during a difficult weekend like this. Special thanks goes to my mechanic and engineer, Chuck Lessick and Marc Maurini respectively, for pushing for perfection and always being able of getting my car back on track in perfect state. I would also like to thank my main sponsors Trallfa Industries, Colosseum Dental and Kruse Smith. They stay with me through both the good and bad, and luckily most of this s eason has been very good. In fact, this is the very first weekend this year that I haven’t won a race! I can’t wait to get to the next event now, and I feel certain we will be right up there once again, continuing to fight for race wins and the championship.”

Rounds 11&12 will be held at Mosport in Ontario, Canada on August 23-24.