Felix Rosenqvist2008 Formula Asia 2.0 Champion Felix Rosenqvist will return to native soil in Sweden for the 2009 season. Rosenqvist has signed with Karlskoga-based BS (Bohlin/Stråth) Motorsport to compete in the all-new Swedish Formula Renault championship, which stretches over six weekends of racing from May until September. The 17-year-old will combine his Swedish activities with a challenge for the Formula Renault North European Zone title, as well as possible appearances in various Asian series.

“It feels pleasant to finally have things in place for this season,” Rosenqvist says. “I’m looking forward to working with BS Motorsport, who gave a serious impression during our talks this winter. The target remains the same as last year – to win the championship – and that goes for the North European Zone as well. There will be tough competition, not least from the Finns, but I’m delighted to face the best drivers on home turf”.

Felix currently looks set to get one or two team mates at BS Motorsport, who in turn will become one of the championship’s biggest teams. With the world financial crisis digging ever-deeper holes in most regions, Rosenqvist plans on staying in Sweden for the majority of 2009, before his international career continues in about one year’s time.

“We originally thought about staying in Asia and racing in Japan this season, but with the economic recession becoming more and more severe it was increasingly difficult to motivate,” Rosenqvist continues. “There have been a range of offers from North to South, East to West following last year’s success, but none better than methodically working towards 2010 while trying out the Swedish circuits – which up until now have been impossible for me due to the lack of a domestic single-seater championship. It’s fantastic that Formula Renault has become an alternative here, and I will give my all throughout the campaign!”