Vitantonio LiuzziVitantonio Liuzzi experienced a troubled start in the first practice session for the final event of the 2009 A1 Grand Prix Of Nations. The Italian, at his second start with his Nation’s team, managed by former F1 star Piercarlo Ghinzani, suffered from brake troubles. On the Kent racetrack, in its longer Grand Prix configuration, Liuzzi tried to climb up the order with an unstable car, but eventually ended his day with an off-track excursion that damaged the right front suspension. The day ended on the spot for Vitantonio, who’ll be back on-track tomorrow morning for the final practice session. Starting at 2:15 PM, Qualifying will set the grid for Sunday’s races.

Vitantonio Liuzzi – Team Italy
“We suffered from a problem to the braking system, that was acting only on the rear wheels. The same issue caused the contact with the retaining barriers. The main problem is having lost half an hour that could have proved really useful in setting up the car. Before the issue though, we were off to a good start. The car’s balance seems optimized compared to Portimao, and we’re not beaten down by the setback suffered today. Brands Hatch is a really difficult and technical racetrack, somehow old-school and very bumpy. In many corners there is just one possible line, and that might prevent from passing, but it’s nice to make a jump in the past sometimes…”