Natalie FenaroliIn May, Natalie was honored to be invited to model in the 28th Annual CARA Charities Fashion Show in Indianapolis a few days before this year’s running of the Indy 500. Championship Auto Racing Auxiliary (CARA) was founded in 1981 to serve the professional auto racing community through charitable work and to promote the friendships of those involved in the motorsports family.

CARA Charities occupies a special place in the motorsports community. Since its founding, CARA has donated more than $4 million dollars to dozens of philanthropic causes helping children, hospitals, scholarship funds, ministries and numerous charitable foundations.
While in Indy, Natalie went to the CARB Day races Friday and was able to meet and talk with several team principals. This was not the first occasion she was able to spend time with an (Indy Lights) team on race day. She is looking forward to learning more team race day strategies and listening in on driver/team communications at future races.