Fabienne LanzRound 3 of the Vortex Super Rok ENGEN Supa Karts National Series was held at the roller coaster, thrill packed iDube Raceway in Pietermaritzburg 03/04 July 2009. There was a growing field of 16 competitors of which some are one of the best karters in the country.

Practice was on Friday 03 July. The day started off on a good note and things looked very promising for Fabienne, she had very good pace and was among the top 3 sometimes topping the time sheets. A lot of grip started building up on the track from all the karters circulating and laying down the rubber. The team started struggling to keep the pace. The kart had too much traction, so that the kart would be fast for the first couple of laps and then drop off as the session progressed.

Early morning on race day, Fabienne and her team made a call and did some drastic changes to her kart in order to try and get rid of this massive amount of traction it had. It seemed to go quite well in warm up and qualifying as she qualified 4th on the grid.

It proved not enough. Fabienne had a very good start in the 1st heat, but she went slower each lap of the 15 lap race and ended in 6th position. Some more changes improved the performance of the kart as Fabienne started 5th in the 2nd heat and passed drivers in position 2,3 and 4 at the start of the race and was in 2nd position for about 5 or 6 laps. She had a good dice with Leeroy Poulter and then the kart started to develop too much traction and once again she struggled and lost pace and ended in 5th position. She had a very good dice towards the end of that heat with fellow team mate Simon Moss who finished 4th.

The sun started to set around 4 o’clock and the track started to cool down. Fabienne and her team hoped that with the cooler condition, the kart would perform better as the grip levels would theoretically come down. The kart did perform better, but not enough and to top it up she lost a lot of places at the start of the last heat as the drivers in front of her thought it was a false start and the field from behind pushed so much that she pushed the brakes so hard to stop the kart and switched the engine off. She managed to get the kart going quick enough by pumping the throttle which started the engine again and at that point she was 4th. The driver in front of her was figuratively a sleep and did not realize that it was not a false start and a whole bunch of drivers overtook Fabienne. She then overtook a few during the heat but was too far away from the front pack and finished 5th again which gave her 5th overall for the day.

Fabienne now lies 4th in the championship. The last round will be held at Vereeniging, which is her home track on 09 August 2009. She is confident as she knows this track very well and will take everything she has learnt from this race and looks forward to the last round. “ I would like to thank my team for all their hard efforts, even if the result was not quite what we wanted. My team still did an outstanding job as the kart’s reliability is outstanding. It is much appreciated.”, she quoted.