Alvaro ParenteAlvaro Parente will start the first GP2 race of the German Formula 1 Grand Prix, that will be held at Nurburgring tomorrow, from the ninth position, after being prejudiced in his fastest lap.

Heavy clouds menaced the German circuit all day and it was possible to see some drops of rain in the beginning of the Qualifying session. Everybody wanted to do some dry laps so all the drivers went to the track, promoting intense action in the early moments of the session.

Without rain in the track, Alvaro Parente was always among the fastest drivers on the track and was the sixth fastest at halfway point of the session. Though, with his second set of tires, he had to back off in his fastest lap when he saw the yellow flags promoted by Luca Filippi’s spin. “The car is well balanced and fast and that allowed me to sign good lap-times. However, in my best lap I saw yellow flags, that were indicating Filippi’s spin, and I had to slow down substantially. I think that, without this, I could be in the top-four”, said the Ocean Racing Technology driver.

The Portuguese expectations are high for tomorrow’s race, after getting the ninth position of the starting grid, and, though the ART Grand Prix and Piquet GP’s cars are extremely fast, he feels confident in his car set-up. Nevertheless, the start will be very important because the Nurburgring first corner usually promotes some contacts between the drivers. “The car is well balanced and it is kind with the tires, and that guarantee us that we will be fast and consistent during the race. But we don’t know the other drivers’ situation and the start will be a capital moment, because I’ve many drivers around me and this circuit first corner tends to promote some contact between cars. I think that we can fight for the top-eight and that will be our goal for tomorrow’s race”, underlined with confidence the driver supported by Soccerade, Delta, TMN, Aurora Group, Geotur and Cision.

Photo by Alastair Staley / GP2 Series