Andreas Zuber, who races under an UAE license for Italian team FMSI finished the Nuerburgring feature race in a brilliant third position having qualified sixth on the grid. In the sprint race, however, with the grid reversed for the top eight and rain disrupting matters, Andreas’ hopes of a second podium were dashed.

The rain was falling at the start of the 30-minute race and visibility was poor. The start was very messy with no visibility for most of the drivers. Andreas, who started on the inside of the track with less grip than on the outside, got a bad start, managing however to escape any damage in the first corner. Later, Andreas sustained damage to his front wing and his front suspension was broken. This incident put Andreas’s race in jeopardy. However, Andreas was lucky to recover losing only a few positions.

On lap three of the 24 long lap race Andreas had already recovered from 12th to 10th and was continuing to climb back up the order. After that the suspension also broke and Andreas returned to the pits. The team gambled and put him on slick tyres thinking that the strategy would pay off. But conditions were still very tricky and Andreas spun, ending his race in the barrier.

Andreas Zuber: “After I had contact with another car on lap two, I was not going to let the race continue without me. I was just hoping that the car would not be too damaged. The following lap I had passed Rodolfo Gonzalez and was already up to ninth. I was still praying that my car would not be damaged. The weather was not helping and I realised that I had to get back to the pits on lap eight. The team fixed the front wing and gambled with the slick tyres. It was a few seconds too early. At the end, I rejoined in 20th position. The car was difficult to drive on the wet and I lost control. It was a pity because it is not like me. But these things happen. I am looking forward to Hungary where I have good memories and have scored podiums.”