With the 2009 Genuine Ford Parts Australian Formula Ford Championship at the half way mark, Andre Borell and Master Electricians Racing look back on the opening half of 2009.

With no points on the board thus far, it has been a Baptism of Fire for the fledgling Formula Ford outfit, running strongly on many occasions but always being on the wrong side of lady luck. “I think I have a case of Mark Webber-itis, we just can’t get the monkey off our back” quipped Borell, who went on to say “Being serious for a moment, it has been super tough so far. We’ve had a lot of points finishes in our grasp and had them ripped away by mechanical issues totally beyond our control, or by other driver’s stupidity. It’s been mentally tough to deal with, but we’re a stronger team and I’m a stronger driver because of it”.

The headlines this year have been dominated by the almost unbeatable Formula Ford veteran Nick Percat, racing in the championship for his fourth year. “You can’t compete with that sort of experience, it’s like trying to beat your grandad at lawn bowls, it’s not going to happen! That being said, he is doing a top-job, and you can’t take anything away from the guy” stated Borell about his rivals success this year.

The team has learnt valuable lessons in the first half of the season, and is looking towards the second half for a reversal of fortunes. With Queensland Raceway and SuperGP (rounds 6 and 8) right in the team’s backyard, the signs are good: “Even though QR (Queensland Raceway) is our home track, we have only tested there once this year. We’ve got a half-day test booked for this Saturday, and I should still have an advantage from my State level racing, but it won’t be the same advantage the Victorians enjoyed at Winton. SuperGP will be great, it’s a clean slate like Albert Park. I’ll be going there to win-it or bin-it – simple” explained Borell.

When asked what the biggest lesson has been so far this year, Andre’s usual good humour once again prevailed: “Use a MASTER ELECTRICIAN! If we had one on our team in Darwin maybe we could have found that misfire that ruined our weekend straight away, not a week later on the engine dyno”.

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