A decision was made following the two championship rounds at Silverstone, which took place alongside the British Grand Prix, to withdraw Ollie from Formula BMW Europe. Due to reasons beyond his control it was felt that there was little to be gained in completing a second year in the junior championship without being in a position to win and a move onto testing and racing in a senior Formula now would be more beneficial for the young Surrey racing drivers career in preparing for 2010.

Ollie is actively talking with teams from all over the world at the moment and a decision will be made as soon as possible on what he will do for the rest of the year to keep him racing.

“I’m very disappointed not to be completing the Formula BMW championship to say the least because for sure at the start of the season I expected to be one of the front runners and competing for the championship. The trouble is we just weren’t on the pace and I had nothing to gain running in the middle of the pack for the rest of the season with little chance of getting up the sharp end. At the end of the day these things are out of my hands but I can understand why I have been withdrawn and I trust the judgement of those around me who have made this decision. All I have to do is keep myself fit and wait for a decision to be made. I’m already getting a lot of interest from the UK, America and Asia so hopefully I should be back in a car very soon. We are also still looking for sponsors or an investor, which is especially difficult at the moment because of the economic situation but my immediate concern is that I’m back in a race car as soon as possible so I can get my career back on track”.