Master Electricians Racing and their driver Andre Borell have been awarded the ‘EWP Hard Charger’ prize at Round 5 of the Genuine Ford Parts Australian Formula Ford Championship. The award goes to the driver who makes up the most positions over the weekend from their qualifying position.

The weekend started badly, with Borell being excluded from the Qualifying session. This was due to an infringement of ‘parc ferme’ rules. Andre explained the penalty “Parc Ferme is a lockdown compound the cars go into after each session for technical checks. The last check they do is weight, then you leave. After I weighed, I passed my helmet to my mechanic so I could drive back to the garage, which is the normal procedure we all (the other cars) do. Apparently this was a breach of the rules as they hadn’t ‘officially’ released me yet… stupid”. The penalty was not able to be appealed and Borell would start the races in 19th spot.

Race 1 started well with Andre making another lightning getaway in the wet conditions. At Turn 4, a competitor spun and blocked the part of the track Andre was on. He then had to wait for the other cars to file past before rejoining the pack. As the Safety Car came out for the damaged car, Andre kept his head and planned his next charge. When the Safety Car returned to pitlane and racing resumed, Andre was picked up for passing before the start finish line. “I guess I might have, I have no idea. Anyone who has driven an open-wheeler in the wet, at the back of a 20 car field, will know that you can’t see a thing. It’s like driving into a wall of white” explained Borell. The penalty for this infringement was a drive through penalty. This should have ruined Borell’s race, but another Safety Car came out allowing Borell to rejoin the rear of the field after serving the drive-through. Once racing resumed Andre was a man possessed, passing cars like they were standing still, showing his wet-weather prowess charging up into the top-10. The strong run ended when he was unceremoniously punted off by another driver, dropping him back to 15th. Andre shard his views in no unclear fashion – “I guess these daddy’s boys paying $250,000 a year to come racing don’t like being out-driven by someone in an older model car, spending a quarter of their budget. Anyway, what goes around comes around so I’m not too worried”.

Race two was somewhat less eventful for Borell, once again coming home 15th after battling brake issues. Race three was another great drive from Borell, driving beyond what the car should be capable of. Borell made a lightning getaway being in 9th at the exit of Turn 1. From there more contact from another competitor put Borell back to 11th. The race ended behind Safety Car, with Borell still in 11th spot, once again agonisingly close to a points finish. “To get the Hard Charger award is some kind of recognition that we are doing something right. I keep being told that finishing mid-pack is excellent considering our budget and our car, and that it’s our debut year. To be honest, it’s wearing a bit thin on me and I’m really keen for things to turn around and to fight with these boys at the front. Some drivers might have a crisis of confidence in times like this, but I know it’s not me. Next year, in the right gear, we can win this thing. Having said that, the year’s not over yet, so bring on the home races”.

Andre Borell is supported by Master Electricians, Extreme Safety, simPRO, PM Lubricants and X-treme Racing.

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