Savannah RickliDenver’s Savannah Rickli may have just gotten her driver’s license two weeks ago, but she is no stranger to driving.  “I knew I wanted to win the Indy 500 when I was seven years old” she recalled, “I’m a go getter.”

Savannah’s parents were big into ice racing – think vintage Jeeps sporting tires studded with 2 inch bolts – when she was just a toddler.  Her first exposure to driving was ice racing for kids, where spunky young kids sit on their parent’s lap to steer the car while the parent operates the pedals.

The trajectory changed entirely when Savannah was invited to an autocross.  Running a Mazda Miata -  a notoriously excellent autocross car – she fell in love with the notion of road racing and started saving pennies for her first go-kart which she ultimately found on Ebay.  At twelve Savannah desperately wanted to attend the touted Bondurant advanced karting school in Phoenix.  Not deterred by the age limit of 16, she called and wrote letters repetitively until the school finally agreed to a special coaching session just for her.

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