Edoardo Piscopo ended up a troubled Fomula 2 weekend at Oschersleben by adding another points finish to his championship. The Italian was hit once again by mechanical issues in qualifying 1, when he was forced to the back by a gearbox issue. After losing his chances to fight for the top-5 on Qualifying for Race 2 due to a red flag, he ran into deeper troubles when he suffered from a clutch failure at the start of Race 1, and was forced to take off from the pitlane. At the end of the day, Piscopo climbed up to 12th, before battling his way up to 8th on Race 2, showing once again huge determination and impressive passing skills. Heading on the for the upcoming round at Imola, Edoardo is eager to show his true potential in front of the home crowd.

“I’m sorry to have seen a potentially good weekend, as shown on practice, conditioned by technical issues. Qualifying has been tough, as I was slowed down on the first session by gearbox issues, and then hit by a red flag during my last and only clean lap. On Race 1 things went even worse when a clutch problem sent me from the pits, where I had to be push-started. I tried to do what I could to get back, but on such a small racetrack like Oschersleben chances were really limited. On Race 2 I managed to climb up to eight thanks to a good start and a couple of fine moves, scoring another point. I’m sure people at home had fun, but I’m really looking forward to a quieter round at Imola, on one of my favourite racetrack.”