Kevin HansenKevin Hansen dominated the finale of the Sydsvenskan Kart Champion Cup when the final leg was decided in Kalmar. After a decisive drive Kevin showed that he was a worthy SKCC champion in 2009.

- Yihaa, I got it! Kevin celebrated when he crossed the finish line and was met by his cheering team.
- I gave it all I had and concentrated on driving perfectly. It’s been my big goal this season to win the SKCC. And now I did it!

After a couple of races with set backs Kevin turned the trend and did what had to be done in the final race. He was third before the last round and would have to win both the finals in order to decide the fate himself. Kevin won the first race after a clever pass on the second to last lap. In the last race Kevin led from start to finish and could raise his hand in a liberating victory gesture.

Filip Hall was second in the first race while Anton Eliasson finished behind Kevin in the second. Anton ended up second in the championship with Filip in third.

Kevin has had a good season and has also produced victories in the classic and prestigious Semesterracet and Juniorfestivalen.

There are only to races left this season, Karting Cup West finale in Uddevalle 3/10 and the Grande Finale in Kristianstad 10/10.

Photo by Hansen Motorsport.