Italian driver Edoardo Piscopo experienced a positive GP2 debut at Abu Dhabi, in the first round of the 2009-2010 Asia Series. On the Emirates track, the 21-year-old took a stunning 5th place in practice, before staying comfortably into the top-10 during race days.

On qualifying, Edoardo took the 11th spot, and ended up Race 1 in 9th, battling for the pole on Race 2 in a three way fight with Oliver Turvey and Roldan Rodriguez. On race 2, he improved further, ending up in 7th and proving himself as a contender among the series’ best rookies.

“I’m really satisfied with how my first GP2 Series weekend looked like. The car is absolutely great, and there’s still good room for improvement. I’m definitely looking forward to the next race, scheduled for February. It’s quite some time from now, and we’ll have to stay focused to prepare at our best”.