“Jaco’s Paddock Motorsport“ went into the season finale at the Nuerburgring with reinforcements of an illustrious variety: Klaus “Frikadelli” Abbelen bolstered the team from Barweiler, his “adopted hometown.”

Klaus Abbelen’s assignment at the Rundstrecken Challenge Nuerburgring offered him an entirely new perspective: For the first time, “Frikadelli” wasn’t sitting in his familiar Porsche but in the “Jaco’s Paddock” BMW at the start of a Nuerburgring race. In the final race, over a combination of the GP Strecke and the Nordschleife, he shared the cockpit of the BMW E36 325i with Thomas Ehlke.

Abbelen carefully felt his way toward the limits of the BMW on still wet track conditions and was able to win over the pit crew with good times after a few laps. Despite 300 fewer horsepower than in his regular vehicle, Abbelen had a lot of fun during his “guest assignment.”

“This was an entirely new experience for me today – after my stint, I was able to understand participants in less powerful vehicles much better. The assignment was a lot of fun, even if you have to drive a 200-horsepower race car completely differently than our Porsche!”

After six “Frikadelli” laps, Thomas Ehlke took over the BMW with start number 567. But luck wasn’t with the two drivers on this Sunday. Shortly before the end of the last lap, a technical defect forced Ehlke to give up.

The race was totally different for its “sister vehicle” with start number 146. Once again, a strong team performance by Michael Clemens and Jaco Velders was rewarded with very good results. Besides a steady climb in the sprint laps, Clemens’ set time of 13:58 was precisely confirmed by Velders, the team chief and driver all in one. Their victory in the V4 production car class at the season’s end was the perfect conclusion to the 2009 motorsports season, as Michael Clemens summed up after the race:

“With today’s points, we have not only reached second place in our class for the 2009 season, but we have just barely driven past a V4 win. Racing with Jaco has been a lot of fun, and it’s really a shame that the season is at an end.”

Next, yet another racing highlight is ahead for “Jaco’s Paddock Motorsport.” From Nov. 26 to Dec. 6, the team from Barweiler will demonstrate its driving skills at the Essen Motor Show. More news on this soon at www.jacos-paddock.com