Cassey WatsonLunar Racing’s teenage female racing driver, Cassey Watson, continued her streak of scoring a podium in every vehicle she has ever driven at Snetterton when she finished 2nd in the 8th round of the 2010 Zing Trofeo Abarth 500 GB driving her Thames Abarth of Slough backed Abarth 500 Assetto Course.

However it was education that was the real winner on the day with the car being run by 3 of the teams new 14 year old students over seen by one of the projects 17 year old graduates,

Lunar Racing, based at Rockingham Speedway in Corby, are not the usual motorsport race team! Of course like every other team when they enter a Championship they are there to win. However the team’s main goal is teaching!

Lunar Racing works with 14-18 year old school children to build and maintain real racing cars which compete against professional racing teams in professional championships. The desision to enter the Trofeo in 2010 was taken in order to prove that the projects students are capable of competing against some of the most successful teams in British Motorsport.

High quality lessons are at the heart of everything they do, but then they can’t afford to do anything less. When a racing car has to brake from 150 mph before taking a hairpin bend at the limit of its tyres’ grip, every component has to be fitted and maintained correctly. As a result of this, their students are the best in the world. Leaving their two year programme with a full level 2 qualification worth 5 GCSE A*-C grades, and an ability to work under pressure and to deadlines unique in the educational system.

The team now move on to Silverstone where the Trofeo races as part of the prestigous Silverstone Classic, July 23rd – 25th where 18 year old Cassey will be looking to continue stepping onto the podium.