Kevin CecconKevin Ceccon’s apprentice period in GP2 is proceeding in the best possible way. In Valencia, in the first race of the GP2 weekend, the Italian drove another amazing race, and only bad luck stopped him from clinching an impressive result.

Kevin was starting from P23 but his first lap was amazing: first he was extremely good off the line and then he found the right gaps in the first corners: he crossed the line of lap 1 in 14th place, an amazing 9 places better than his spot on the grid. Then Kevin kept an impressive pace and after his pit-stop he was even ahead of team-mate Herck, but an impact with some debris left on track by a contact damaged one of his tyres, causing a pressure drop. Ceccon, who couldn’t communicate with the team due to a radio malfunction, hung on until 12 laps to go when he did let Herck by and then stopped to change the tyres again. Once the problem was solved the Italian driver showed all of his quickness again, posting the second fastest lap of the race in 1’49”751.

Kevin Ceccon: “Obviously been stripped of a good performance by bad luck isn’t good, but I’m here to gather experience and from this point of view this race was useful anyway. The track is a city circuit but despite this it has nothing to do with Monaco and I don’t like it too much. Anyway I was very quick in the first laps, so I hope that tomorrow my race will be clear from misfortune, a good result could be in our reach.

Paolo Coloni: “Kevin deserves to be praised, because his first lap was just amazing and so was the first part of his race. Then bad luck decided to strike, but with the lap he posted at the end when his tyres were again ok, Kevin confirmed that his learning process in GP2 is going in the best possible way”.