Facu RegaliaThe Campos Racing´s driver, after making a good start overtaking three rivals on lap one, lost control of his car and collided with the wall at an early stage of the race.

Facu Regalia didn´t have an easy Saturday´s race in Marrakech, where is held the third meeting of 2012 season for Auto GP. Campos Racing´s driver, who was 9 on the starting grid after a troublesome qualifying session yesterday due to mistake with tyre strategy, felt confident at the start with his chances for a good result. And the race started quite well when lights went off. A good start coming from this young Argentinean driver who overtook no less than three cars on lap one. Regalia explained that “I made a good start, overtaking three rivals, to be P6 at the end of lap 1. But Chris van der Drift was in front of me, and his race pace wasn´t the pace, so my aim was to overtake him as soon as possible because other rivals were making a gap ahead”.

However, problems begun to appear while trying an overtaking manoeuvre on van der Drift, a well-experienced driver, due to low grip levels. “I overtook him but sadly yellow flags were waved so I was forced to give him back my fifth place to avoid a penalty. I was in his slipstream again very soon and I overtook him but, sadly, while speeding up my car spun. I hit the wall and my race was over on lap 3. It was my mistake because I wasn´t expecting that oversteer from my car there. Now it´s time to learn about it. I feel upset because I think a top-4 finish was quite possible with chances for podium even. Tomorrow it´s going to be hard but, once again, I will try to complete a good race”, Argentinean driver explained at the end.

Tomorrow´s race starts at 15,30 (CET) and it will be broadcasted by Eurosport 2 live.

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