Facu RegaliaThe Campos Racing´s Argentinean driver, after another good start overtaking some cars, had tyres issues and then a slow pit stop which prevented him to repeat as good results as in Valencia.

Facu Regalia hasn´t had an easy race in Marrakech today. After his retirement during yesterday´s race, Campos Racing´s driver was aiming to gain the maximum number of places to score points for the overall classification of the Auto GP. And at the beginning race two was quite positive for his team and himself, because “I overtook some cars. Starting from the 15 place on the starting grid, I have overtaken no less than five cars and then two more on the outside. When I was in 9 place, I pushed quite hard but then I´ve had problems with my tyres and, in addition, my singleseater was suffering from severe understeer today”.

Then, when he pitted on sixth lap, his mechanics had problems to change a wheel losing over ten additional seconds. “The race started well for us, despite my car today wasn´t the best possible. However our problem during pit stop finished our options to complete a good result. After my pit stop, I have had a good race pace, recovering around two seconds per lap with drivers ahead but this compound doesn´t last for many laps. At the end my tyres were struggling with graining and my only chance was to finish the race”, Regalia explained after a finish in 10.

Regalia, second placed in Valencia, had a very different meeting in Morocco, because “everything began in a wrong way on Friday. Then my spin yesterday when I hit the wall and almost no chances for today´s race. In my opinion yesterday a podium finish wasn´t out of reach and today I could have scored points for the overall classification. But this is racing. Next meeting for us in the Auto GP will in Hungary next month, but before I have to make my debut in European F3 Open”, Regalia said while thinking in Formula 3 racing, his next step in two weeks time.

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