Gabby ChavesThe young driver from the FIA Institute Excellence Academy finished third today at the GP of Edmonton and will start second for tomorrow’s race.

Gabby Chaves, sponsored by CLARO / TECPRO BARRIERS / MARCA COLOMBIA, had one of his best performances this season, while overcoming wet track conditions on slick tires and a drive through penalty.

Todays’s result leaves the teenager just three points behind second place in the championship, reducing the gap with the points leader.

Besides obtaining his fourth podium of the season so far, it must be said that most of the race was disputed under wet track conditions, with the colombian turning in yet another finely-driven performance on his #19 JDC Motorports car on slick tires during the whole race.

“It was a difficult start from P4, where I preferred to let cars pass, instead of being hit and taken out on the first turn. When the rain hit the track, running in fourth place, many cars were sliding since we had all started on slick tires, and to prevent an incident I touched the line that marked the pit entrance, move that got me a drive through penalty. I rejoined the race in 12th position and made my way through to finish the race in third place”. said Gabby Chaves . “I am satisfied with this result and I want to thank everyone in my team for trusting my input and working with me to make the car better”, added the OMP-GoPro young driver.

Photo by Eric McCombs.