Sergio CanamasasAfter suffering from some small mechanical issues in the morning free practice session, Sergio Canamasas arrived at qualifying required to do a difficult job in order to get to the top of the timing sheets. Just he was about to do it, a driver went off the track at the Parabolica, ruining the chances of the Spanish driver.

With his second set of tyres, and after doing some final adjustments to his Venezuela GP Lazarus car, Sergio was just starting his final fast lap only eight tenths of a second away from pole position and in the first sector he had already improved his fastest time so far by no less than four tenths so the lap was looking good enough to put him among the top five on the grid. Sadly, a few seconds later the off track incident happened to one of his rivals so the Barcelona-born driver had to lift, losing all of his good work.

Tomorrow, Canamasas is starting from the ninth row of the grid but with an hour long race ahead of him and his good pace, the chances of getting into the point scoring positions, despite being hard, are still possible.

Sergio Canamasas: “I couldn’t take advantage of the free practice as I would have liked to in order to get to grips with the car on this track and work on the setup. But we all know how the GP2 is, you just have the time that you are given so in qualifying I knew that I’d have to go out and give it my all. With the first set of tyres I checked the changes done after free practice and fine-tuned them. The car behaviour improved and I got back on the track looking forward to getting into the top ten. I started to improve my lap times but on my last lap, when I had already done my best first sector and had more confidence, a Carlin driver went off which meant a yellow flag and the end of both my lap and the session. It’s a bit frustrating because I’d have improved on my seventh position at Spa and, at the finish I’m on ninth row of the grid so tomorrow’s race will be tough and difficult. Anyway, the target of scoring points is still there, and GP2 is always