Isaac TutumluDespite several mechanical problems all the weekend the Spanish driver of Kurdish heritage managed to finish 13th and being best classified pilot for FÖRCH Racing by Lukas Motorspor in Italy.

Isaac Tutumlu has finished this weekend his 2012 season in the Porsche Supercup, a year when he has driven a Porsche 911 GT3 Cup lined up by FÖRCH Racing by Lukas Motorsport. His end of season was not that easy for Tutumlu, because he had to overcome mechanical problems once again.

On Friday, despite problems with transmission cooling system, he was able to set a very competitive free practice lap in the free practice session, even testing new brake pads, being one and half a second slower than drivers on top. On Saturday, Tutumlu was looking for improvements in qualifying session when his radiator got damaged and his best lap then was slower than that the
previous day. “It was a shame because my best time was during warm lap, and taking into account this fact I was only three seconds slower than pole position time. I think my chances were pretty good, but now we need to focus on the race. I am looking forward to gain some places but I know it´s going to be a challenge, because I will start on 11th row”, Tutumlu explained at the end of qualifying session.

Tutumlu wasn´t giving up and his race was quite good despite how much adversity he was facing. Transmission problems caused him “a lot of problems, because it was harder to change gears in this way. At the beginning, starting from the back of the field, I was blocked by slower drivers but I´ve improved some positions lap by lap. Finally I´ve finished 13th among full-season driver. And I was the best FÖRCH Racing driver during today´s race, a positive fact after our problems here”.

With the season over in the Porsche Supercup, Tutumlu is working on “some new projects ahead. Concerning Porsche Supercup I would like to race here next year but we need to study carefully what options we have”.