Isaac TutumluTutumlu´s performance was really good today at Circuit de Valencia, finishing the Spanish driver of Kurdish heritage third among full-time Endurance Trophy IberGT contenders. His conclusions were pretty positive during his first outing with Drivex Porsche 911 GT3 RSR.

Isaac Tutumlu has finished very blissful today with his performance at the event of the Endurance Trophy IberGT held in Valencia. The 27 years-old driver made his debut at the wheel of the Porsche 911 GT3 RSR fielded by Drivex in the series, and shared with Miguel Ángel de Castro and Alan Sicart.

Tutumlu, who made the fastest lap for the team during the qualifying session, drove at the end of the race, a long and difficult last stint almost one hour long. De Castro made the start, fighting during the opening laps for podium places, before to pit for first time. With Sicart at the wheel Drivex Porsche was aiming for podium places yet. With fifty minutes to go, Tutumlu started his stint and very soon he set the fastest lap for the Porsche in the race and battling against Gianluca Carboni for several laps. “It was a very difficult race, because our car is severely handicapped due to weight in comparison with other cars taking part in the series. So we did need to give our best to stay on top. Anyway I completed a very good performance, being very fast
all the stint and Carboni passed me just at the end of the race with a few minutes to go”, Tutumlu explained when the race finished and being 3 among full-season Endurance Trophy IberGT drivers.

This first outing with Drivex for Tutumlu was “very positive. I felt quite comfortable working with Drivex. For fighting for overall places we would have needed a lighter car because now, even after a faultless race, was almost an impossible target. I´m pretty optimistic for next challenges and I´ve showed a very good progresses over the weekend and, in addition, forgetting my problems at FÖRCH recently”, Tutumlu finally added after making his debut with a factory backed car.