Sergio CanamasasSergio Canamasas did the impossible today in the final GP2 race of the season. The Spaniard, who was starting from the back of the grid, completed a great first lap getting to seventh and into a points scoring position. But, at almost the same moment, he was penalized because one of his mechanics was working on his car on the grid before the start, outside the allowed time.

To make things even worse, Sergio’s radio wasn’t working so he couldn’t hear the message asking him to take the drive-through within the next three laps so he ended up being disqualified with a black flag although he made no mistake on the track. So yet another great performance went without reward as it was obvious that he had pace to finish in the top five.

With the season already over, it’s time to starting preparing for 2013 when Sergio Canamasas will certainly be one of the contenders for victory in whichever series he races in.

Sergio Canamasas: “I couldn’t have more bad luck. I had a good pace and I was one of the fastest drivers on the track, recovering a lot of positions to get to a points scoring place against all the odds but I was disqualified because a mechanic was working on my car outside the time allowed before the start. And then, to make things worse, the radio didn’t work so I didn’t know about the penalty until too late so I could have got a harsher penalty although, at the end, the stewards understood the situation and didn’t give me a bigger penalty.

The outcome of this half season in GP2 is that, pace wise, I have been one of the surprise drivers, but for one or reason or another there has been always something happening that prevented me from turning my speed into a good result. There will be more chances and the important thing is that, if things fall into place, I’d go for everything in the future.”