Lucas OrdoñezLucas Ordonez, is a Spanish driver with an international racing career, and is used to participating in the best endurance races around the world. He speaks about Maxi Endurance 48.

Hi Lucas, as a driver with experience in endurance racing, what do you think of Maxi Endurance 48?
L.O. The first time I heard about Maxi Endurance 48, I thought this was going to be crazy! If 24 hours of racing are demanding, 48h will be extremely challenging for both the team and for the mechanics. I love challenges and thrills, so for that reason I believed and supported this project from the beginning.

Would you like to participate in a challenge like this and why?
L.O. I would love to for various reasons. For several years I have been an official Nissan driver competing in the most prestigious international races (Le Mans, Nurburgring 24h, Dubai, Spa24h …) and this race would be an amazing experience and a challenge . Teamwork during 48h race is the key and that’s what I like.

What do you like most about this race?
L.O. The first thing that attracts me is that the race is going to be held in Spain. In the 4 years competing for Nissan I have never competed at home and it would be very special. The atmosphere will be unique, the number of drivers per car, the mechanical challenge attracts me a lot and the strategies. The driver´s costs are another incentive to participate, with more drivers, costs will be shared, so among the prizes and a lower cost than a 24h race, make this race very attractive worldwide.

Lucas OrdoñezWhat do you think would be the best strategy?
L.O. The strategy will be as in any other endurance race but doubled, the tyres and fuel consumption. Above all it will be important to take good care of the mechanical aspects of the car. Navarra´s circuit will be very demanding on the brakes for example, so the team with fewer pit stops for replacement of parts will be favorite.

Do you think the mechanic of the car is a handicap or with a proper care, it does not have to be a problem?
L.O. In endurance we always say that “anything can happen in 24 hours.” Everything depends on the way of driving, to measure the life of the parts to function properly. The more you work on your car to know and understand how does it works, it will be the car to beat.

I imagine you have talked to a lot of drivers and teams about Maxi Endurance 48? What is the feedback from people in the industry?
L.O. 48h??? Its amazing! That’s what some international drivers told me. For a driver it is a fantastic opportunity.

Lucas, tell us about your plans in the short and medium term.
L.O. As you know I am Nissan official driver since I won the Nissan GT Academy in 2008. This year I have competed in four 24h races (Dubai, Nurburgring, Le Mans and Spa). Besides I am test driver in Delta Wing. And I also compete in ELMS with Nissan LMP2 Greaves. I drove in the WEC 6h at Silverstone with Martin Brundle and now I am at Petit Le Mans (USA) driving the Delta Wing.

Thank you for your time and hope to see you at Maxi Endurance 48.
L.O. I hope and encourage all who love motorsport and endurance, to try this very special and unique event. I am sure that the challenge and the prize money will attract many drivers, this is what we need, incentives like this to make the race profitable for the best in each category!

About Lucas Ordoñez: Lucas, competed for several years in the National Karting but after several years competing he could not find the budget to continue his career. In 2001 he left competition behind to focus on his studies. After several years of inactivity, he joined the GT Academy with PlayStation 3. Out of 25,000 participants from all over Europe, he managed to win the European final held at the British circuit of Silverstone.

After winning the GT Academy. He joined Nissan as official Playstation driver, driving in the 2009 24h of Dubai and the FIA GT4 European Cup where he finished second. In 2011 he finished second in the LMP2 class at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. After a busy season he took the drivers ILMC title in the LMP2 class.

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