Facu RegaliaAfter his debut on Tuesday with iSport, enhancing his performance over the course of the day, the Argentine driver managed by Adrián Campos finished first during Wednesday´s wet session at Circuit de Catalunya, showing in this way his talent and potential speed.

Facu Regalia has had a really good debut in the GP2, the previous step to Formula 1. The young Argentine driver debuted on Tuesday at the wheel of an iSport´s car and, after his learning period in the morning, he was able to have a very good race pace during the race simulation scheduled by his team. This first day proved worth for the second day, this time with Racing Engineering.

Despite he hasn´t ever driven in rain conditions with this car, his adaptation period were really quick and he set a best lap of 1:51.799. This time and his 2nd best one, faster than anyone´s time as well, weren´t beaten by other drivers, even when the track conditions got better at the end of the morning and Regalia stayed in pits by then. In the afternoon, the season was severely red-flagged and he couldn´t improve his 1:32.337, and in addition he doesn´t know how new tyres exactly work. Anyway, in wet, the conditions when the talent is tested he was able to beat his rivals by three tenths, and only driver under 1:52 mark.

“I feel really happy. My experience the first day was pretty useful for Wednesday. This car is the fastest that I´ve never driven so far, and in wet conditions I adapted quickly. No doubts that to be first in my debut, and in wet conditions, it´s more than expected”, Regalia said. In the afternoon, “my previous results were a morale booster. With used tyres I was in top-six, half a second slower than P1 time and five tenths ahead of my teammate Melker. Then, with new tyres, the traffic was terrible and red flags didn´t help either to complete a clear lap. My lap of 1:32.2 was set losing no less than five tenths in sector three passing other car. I think our pace was good enough to climb into top-5. Anyway I finish the day very happy. Yesterday was important for learning and today to finish as well as possible. I think we managed to do it. I´m grateful for people who helped me to be here today, and of course I´ve my best words for iSport and Racing Engineering. It was an amazing experience”.

With no time for resting, Regalia is approaching next weekend the last meeting of the year in the European F3 Open, scheduled at Circuit de Catalunya as well. Regalia will drive a Campos Racing´s Dallara F312 once again, and he´s eying front places again.

To follow everything concerning Facu´s career in motorsport, please check his new profiles on Facebook and Twitter.

Photo by Alastair Staley/GP2 Series Media Service.