tyre manufacturer Hankook have been selected to become the exclusive tyre supplier to the world’s longest endurance race, the MAXI ENDURANCE 48H at Navarra/Spain. The MAXI ENDURANCE 48H race will take place from 14th – 17th March 2013. The world’s first 48 hour endurance race poises new challenges in terms of strategy and endurance racing and will be supervised by the Spanish Automobile Federation. With Hankook as the exclusive supplier, the successful Ventus race tyres line will be used in the categories MAXI GT, MAXI CUP, MAXI SPORT, MAXI TOURING and MAXI PROTOTYPE.

“Hankook is truly excited to be a part of this exceptional event which will be one of the most demanding circuit races in the motorsport scene and the first of its kind. For us as a tyre supplier, the biggest challenge is certainly to provide a tyre that delivers on the key success criteria of high performance, maximum safety and consistency at a premium level. Hankook’s tyres must work equally well with all cars under these outstandingly challenging conditions and demanding circuit.” explains Manfred Sandbichler, Director Motorsport at Hankook Tire Europe.

It is Hankook’s development philosophy to provide teams and drivers with tyres that satisfy all essential elements of performance such as braking, traction, steering response as well as stability, durability and of course safety. With Hankook’s Ventus slicks and rain tyres, both teams and drivers can rely on extremely high-capacity tyres that combine perfect handling and a long service life into optimum performance in all track and weather conditions.

“Being able to trust the tyres is a key factor in motor racing, particularly for the pilots that will be on the grid in Navarra, facing both an extreme mechanical and personal challenge. Our successful engagement in various European premium racing series and events has proved that our Ventus race tyres are fully equipped to cope with extreme challenges and we are looking forward to many impressive racing moments in Navarra.” adds Sandbichler.

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