Escuela Española de PilotosEscuela Española de Pilotos is a racing team that participates in various disciplines of motorsport and is highly specialized in endurance racing. They compete at Britcar, VdeV and 24 hour races. They have achieved 18 titles, including in Formula Ford, Formula 3, Formula Toyota, Porsche Cup, GT, Classics and more… Their most recent achievements include successes in the Spanish GT Championship GT Light in 2009 and 2010 and in GTV4 in the VdeV in 2011 and 2012. Not to mention winning the 500 km of Motorland in 2009, 2010 and 2012.

Maxi Endurance 48h interviewed Javier Morcillo, Team Director:

It is clear that endurance is your specialty. With what type of cars are you making these races?
JM. Cars like Ginetta GT4 or Mosler GT2. The Ginetta, which will run this race, is a car made specifically for endurance races. It is reinforced and designed for this discipline. It is the world’s fastest tank!

What do you think of Maxi Endurance 48? Do you like the challenge?
JM. Very much, it is undoubtedly the greatest challenge in the world for a car and a racing team. It is something new – and I don´t think anyone that has to do with endurance race will want to miss it.

What do you find so special about this race?
JM. Being the first is always very attractive. Drivers and teams that compete will be part of Motorsport History. On the sportive level is very attractive as a challenge for any amateur or professional from any angle. If we want to be the best team, this is the place and time to prove it.

Have you already completed the team?
JM. It is not completely finished. The technical team is the usual one, and is not only already formed, but is in great shape! The team of drivers is beginning to appear. We would love to have our regular drivers running together. At this time we are still looking for three more drivers for the places not yet confirmed.

What is your fare for the Ginetta per driver?
JM. We operate on € 19,000 per place. But it is noteworthy that we actually have three cars for that price, as we will have a second car as spare car plus a third whole car in parts. We will finish this race. Unless there is an accident, we will be in the end for sure. Our infrastucture is very strong, as we come to this race not just to participate, but to try to win.

What kind of drivers do you have? Who are your customers?
JM. Drivers specialized in endurance races. Our regular drivers make, in each season, six races of 6 hours each. They are well prepared and they know exactly how to bring a car to the finish consuming the least possible and driving as fast as possible. It’s really hard to get a group of drivers more prepared. I would be surprised to see a better team on the grid. I’m very proud of what our drivers have achieved in recent years.

What do your drivers think about the 48h?
JM. They are excited. They know it means to become part of the history of motorsport – and they want to be there. From day one that we talked about this race, a smile appeared on their faces… and that is something we love!

See you at the longest circuit race in the World?
We’ll be there! Maybe better to say’ See you at the podium’?…

Maxi Endurance 48h