SEAT LEON SC pistaHi Jaime, as the director responsible for SEAT Sport, when you first heard that this new and historic initiative was emerging in Spain, what went through your head?

JP. I found it to be an interesting challenge – a serious opportunity for car mechanics and drivers who will want to participate because the Maxi Endurance 48 competition is up there with the great challenges that we have seen today in other sports.

What do you think of Maxi Endurance 48?

JP. Given the new format of the race, I am convinced that for the drivers it will be very exciting to participate. It will be a demanding competition for both drivers and vehicles.

When you mentioned this race to teams and drivers, what has been their reaction? Did they like the challenge?

JP. They like the challenge and are attracted to the opportunity, and our customers are convinced that they have a great car with which to accept this Challenge.

What attracts you most of this special race?

JP. The demand and the challenge for ALL members of the team and the skills they will need to show when developing and implementing the strategy to win the race.

Do you think the SEAT Leon Super Cup is a right car for this challenge? Why?

JP. The SEAT Leon Super Cup has spent years proving to be a reliable car in endurance racing. Many customers have trusted it to 24h contests with very good results. I’m sure the SEAT Leon Super Cup
will continue to demonstrate high reliability in a 48h challenge. Even the SEAT Ibiza SC Trophy would be an excellent car for the Challenger, even though it is clearly not as fast as the SEAT Leon.

Your cars have already proven to be competitive on endurance racing, but now they face a new race without any referente; what do you think can be the keys to success? What do you think the strategy is based on?

JP. The ideal strategy for this demanding race should be based on going fast – but still taking good care of the car mechanically!

Thanks for your time and see you at the longest circuit race in the World, Maxi Endurance 48¡

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