Cameron TwynhamUp-and-coming British racing driver Cameron Twynham has been named as an official ambassador for Anxiety UK. The partnership will see him and personal sponsors MRE Motorsport help raise awareness of anxiety in young people and promote the charity’s work.

Despite a successful fledgling career in motorsport, 17-year-old Cameron – who will this year contest the European F3 Open Copa Class – was diagnosed as an anxiety sufferer in September 2010 and has since undergone treatment to learn how to manage and live with the day-to-day challenges of his condition.

As a result Cameron and his family became far more aware of just how many children and young people suffer from anxiety issues, and wanted to help others facing the same dilemma.

Twynham’s ambassadorship will see him carry Anxiety UK logos on his Team West-Tec-prepared Formula 3 car throughout the season, as well as working closely with the charity to help promote its work and raise awareness of an often misunderstood condition.

Plans are also being developed for Cameron to visit local schools and speak of his experiences of living with anxiety, develop top tips for teachers and parents and also help raise funds for Anxiety UK.

Cameron Twynham: “I’m delighted that I’m able to do something to help others realise what they are facing but also reassure them that you can manage your anxiety and still achieve your goals in life. Working with Anxiety UK is a great way of helping spread that message.

“I’m sure there can’t be many environments that feature a more anxiety-inducing build-up than motor racing. But for sufferers, even the simplest day-to-day activities can be difficult. Anxiety UK makes a significant difference to so many lives and I couldn’t be happier to be doing my bit to support that.”

Julian Twynham: “Like many parents my wife and I didn’t really understand what Cameron was dealing with at first.

“Now that we have a far greater awareness of anxiety and understand that it is more widespread than we realised, we’ve spoken to many others who say that’s how they feel when we describe Cameron’s symptoms. That’s why we wanted to work with Nicky and Anxiety UK: this is our way of giving something back to those who may be looking for somewhere to turn to.”

Nicky Lidbetter, CEO of Anxiety UK: “Naturally, we are delighted to be able to work with Cameron and Julian to develop this unique opportunity to raise awareness of anxiety disorders and promote our work to a wider audience.

“Cameron’s story is one we can empathise with and relate to. Anxiety in young people is far greater than we imagine and despite some clear symptoms many parents are often unaware of what their children are going through.

“We are confident this partnership will play a major role to reach and inform a lot more people, including schools, teachers and parents about anxiety problems.

“We are extremely grateful to Cameron, Julian and MRE Motorsport for their help and support in raising the profile of Anxiety UK.”

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