RampantChristine Moss has motorsport at heart. Her father is none other than multiple motorsport champion Terry Moss so it is perhaps fitting that she has a good understanding of what South African motorsport is about and what kart racing needs.

To get the ball rolling she has launched a extension to her Design, Marketing and Promotions Empire thus being Rampant Rok, an initiative to grow and promote karting in South Africa. She looked beyond borders and embarked on an initiative to bring foreign drivers to South Africa.

Less than a week before the opening round of the Engen Supa Kart National championships at Port Elizabeth on 02 March she sent out an invite around the world. The idea was to host a few drivers in round 2 of the Engen Supa Kart championship in Cape Town. However with less than 48 hours before race day she received a phone call from Singapore where it was suggested that they should also compete in the opening round.

Miss Moss is not one to pass up an opportunity and within 24 hours she had her first driver approved by motorsport authorities in both countries and on a plane to South Africa; the pressure was on. Now, with only 13 hours until touch down, she needed a team set-up to house and run Morghan Loganathan. In typical Moss tradition, not only did she do it, but she took it a notch higher than the norm.This is a line that stands out when I think of Christine. “Woman can multi task and oh boy can she; setting up a team, running a team, organizing, promoting and running an event, it’s not a task for the faint hearted.”

At midday on Thursday Morghan and multiple South African & World kart champion Wesleigh Orr landed in Port Elizabeth and were whisked off to the circuit. It was raining and the kart was set up for the wet and to accommodate the lanky Singaporean. From the outset the foreign driver showed courage by wanting to head out on slicks.

Much to Moss’ amusement she found this entertaining until she realized he was deadly serious. “Are you kamikaze? was her first thought! Nonetheless he duly headed out on wets, proving promising to the eye, differently fearless, and setting a pace that, had it have been a race, would have netted second place.

Friday dawned dry and he had to get used to the dry track. By Saturday, he was exhausted but managed to hang in there.

Race 1; he botched the start, not realizing the circuit is altered for the start, however he caught up and hung on to the pack.

Race 2; this time he quickly moved up the order but fell back after a mistake only to repeat the process.

Race 3, he had a steamy start making his way to the front bunch. A bit of argy-bargy saw him get knocked back but undeterred; he made his way up but lost out again.

All in all he achieved what he came here for. He learnt an immense amount, and hung onto the premier class. Most of all he enjoyed racing in South Africa and was impressed with the high standards.

On Sunday, he sampled South Africa’s legendary wildlife with a visit to the lion park where he had opportunity of playing with lion and tiger cubs.

This is just the start, there is more install for round 2, Christine sure has heads rolling for round 2, her vasbyt, determination and a vision to succeed, is proving worthy with the world knocking on her door, a week in and 3 countries already in her bag , she is pulling strings fast to make space for more.