Jorge ColinThe driver of the Audi # 13 had a weekend with high effectiveness, with Mexican Diego Ortega’s first victory ever on the MSTCC on heat 1 and Leonardo Colin’s first victory of the year on the second heat, Jorge Colin remained at the podium, to thereby keep leading the championship with 390 units.

The largest grid ever of the MSTCC history, 65 cars, marked start the second round of the Championship. Jorge Colin had an impressive duel with Diego Ortega in the first heat, where nobody gave any space and after a great- clean duel and 35 minutes of running, Ortega was the driver who stayed with the victory, leaving in second place Jorge Colin and third to the reigning champion, Roberto Fernandez. Colin said: ‘One of the best races I’ve had, failed to win, but I emphasize the tremendous duel with Diego Ortega, a great driver that comes with everything and we were turned back with a super clean and polite fight for first place. The championship is starting, it’s a good result and the main thing is to maintain consistency to score points and hopefully get the championship. Thanks to Advanced Clutch Technology, Besco Group, Dimalgas, Colin and Wild Cars for their great support and trusting me. ‘

For the second race, things did not change much, being Diego Ortega and Jorge Colin the ones that began to move away from the pack early, the new surprise that joined them was Leonardo Colin, who with an impressive rhythm showed his experience passing Ortega and his brother Jorge to end up winning the heat 2, which ended with a red flag due to a big wreck involving Kurk Herrera, Roberto Fernandez, Dionisio Uribe, Victor Hugo Zavala, Victor Colotla, among others.

With an attendance of 17,319 people, the Mexican Super Touring Championship Race 2 comes to an end. The next race will be June 1 and 2 at the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez racetrack, along with the Panam GP and TC2000 Cup.