José Manuel De los MilagrosJosé Manuel de los Milagros again proved yesterday that is one of the best touring car drivers in the form of Spanish automotive scene, and is again an excellent performance curdle driving the Hyundai Coupe with competing in this year’s Cup Spain Resistance with Raul Castilla. In the Circuit de Catalunya twice winner of the Clio Cup again left a clear imprint of his speed and experience and rounded off a practically perfect weekend.

In free practice on Friday, De los Milagros and scratched at a high level, which was evident on Saturday in qualifying for first thing in the morning. In the first session, in which De los Milagros took part, was the best time of D4, and therefore also in the Coupe Challenge. The 2:07.121 lap positioned him at the forefront of its category with nearly half a second advantage over the best of the Renault Clio Cup In the second, who disputed his partner Castile and although I did not know this track, this could the eighth place, and with the average of the two times out in third place in the race that took place in the afternoon.

Shortly before two o’clock in the afternoon, throwing the race, and in a moment De los Milagros was put in first position of D4, following even some SEAT León Supercopa of the top category. “I had a good start, since I could put in the lead and from that point, I tried to escape to accumulate the greatest possible advantage and that Raul could face his baton back with something more quiet,” explained De los Milagros who was in first position throughout the first stint. After the first hour, De los Milagros and Castile were first seconds of D4 and the Challenge Coupe, a position in which asentarían in the second half of the race. “In the end we started to notice the tire wear, but still managed to keep our second position D4 and first among the Hyundai. Perhaps at times we could have pushed a little more to get closer to Renault Clio winner but we are happy, and this second position, with victory in the Coupe Challenge is a great reward for the whole team, “explained the Spaniard.

The next two races will be at the Jerez circuit, in mid-June, and in them the motivation of De los Milagros is the maximum because “is one of my favorite circuits. Raul knows not but we will work with him to get as prepared as we can. ”

Photo by Enric WRC.