De los MilagrosThe driver from Madrid made his debut this weekend in the 2013′s Historic Endurance Series. After the engine failure RS 3.0 Porsche 911 he shared with Marcial Rodriguez on Saturday, Sunday he raced a Porsche 911 2.4 T with Alex de Beachcomber.

José Manuel de los Milagros had not had a single weekend at the Jarama circuit in Madrid, where he started the Historic Endurance Series. The Madrid-born driver came to this first test Marcial Rodriguez accompanying the wheel of a Porsche 911 RS 3.0 very competitive and positioned them as favorites for the top positions. And so it was, at least while he respected pilots mechanics.

n the qualifying session on Saturday morning, De los Milagros performed the third fastest time with a lap of 1:54.816. Heading into the first race, fifty minutes long, was his teammate Rodriguez taking the exit. Although he could not hold a position on the podium, made a good respite before handing the baton to De los Milagros. Unfortunately, after thirty-nine minutes of the race, the engine was down and forced to abandon when the double winner of the Clio Cup was in full comeback. “It was a shame, because I think we could have achieved a good result. The car had experienced some problem in previous days and eventually engine failure during the race came when we were going up to try to get to the podium. In normal conditions, and with a car at full capacity, we have options on the podium by little lucky enough to accompany us, “explained De los Milagros.

This led to engine failure, ahead of the second race on Sunday, De los Milagros had to change mounting, driving with Alex de Reguero a Porsche 911 2.4 T. Wildfire Being who took the exit, made a great first half of the race, but unfortunately the safety car weakening its options since they would lose a turn just before the driver change. “My partner had just doubled the leader at the time, so when the safety car came out I could not overtake him and lost a lap. Our times were on the podium, even when the standard car was the Porsche 911 RS 3.0 on Saturday, “said De los Milagros after certifying the sixteenth goal and fifth position among the H-71.

The next round competitive de los Milagros is already next weekend at the Jerez circuit, in what will be the third round of the Cup of Spain Resistance. There, and at the wheel of Hyundai Coupe de Raul Castilla, De los Milagros will fight for the win in his category.

Photo by Rafa Sánchez / CTR Press.