Chris DymondGT and sports car ace Chris Dymond takes an impressive 2nd place on karting return nearly 10 years after he left the sport.

Dymond’s return to karting also marked his debut outside of the traditional 100cc classes in which he competed for 12 years throughout the UK and Europe.

For this one off event Dymond competed in the 250 National class which use a motorcycle engine and gearbox. Known as “super karts” these machines are capable of reaching speeds exceeding 150mph and will out accelerate a Formula 1 car to 100mph!

Competing with the Jade karts team for the weekend, an outfit run by the father of Dymond’s team mate during his championship winning 2010 season in the Radical UK cup, Dymond was quickly up to speed, finishing 2nd and 3rd in the heat races proceeding the final.

Dymond lined up in second place on the grid for the final with team mate and multiple British champion Ross Allen third. A poor start by Dymond saw him drop right down the order as the pack headed to the first corner. However Dymond embarked on an incredible come back drive and by lap 4 of the 12lap final was already back into the top three and catching the second placed kart, five laps from end Dymond was up to second but leader Allen was some 8 seconds ahead leaving Dymond to bring the kart home in an impressive 2nd place on his debut.

“This was something I’ve always wanted to do, watching them was always impressive but driving them is something else! I didn’t really know what to expect, I knew they’d be fast but the sensation when you put your foot down is just incredible and it just keeps going! I’ve had a great time this weekend to come away with a trophy is nice but the performance was great especially having been away for so long. I think I oiled up at the start and it just bogged down but carving back through the pack was really fun. Big thanks to Mark (Allen) for the opportunity, we’ve spoken about doing this for a while since I raced with Ross in the Radical in fact, and when the chance came up I jumped at it” Commented Dymond after the race.

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