Sarah FranklinLast weekend was the inaugural race weekend for the 4Two Cup.

After a glorious Friday, Saturday morning at the Leicestershire circuit, Donington was very wet and slippery! Sarah was the first out on circuit and tip toed around the first lap to check out where the puddles and standing water were. Paul Abraham, however, had other ideas and decided to go up the inside at the Old Hairpin. This resulted in his spinning and running back off the circuit and onto the wet grass where his car dug in and went over onto its side. As a result, there was a red flag without even having completed one lap!

Once the green light was given again, Sarah went out and started finding the grip and getting faster and faster. With one more red flag as a result of James Palmer coming off at the Craner Curves, it was difficult to get into any kind of flow so Sarah was fairly pleased with Position 6 for the first race.

Sarah got a blinding start and over took three placed by the time she got to the old Hairpin. She then managed to carry a huge amount of speed through Coppice and over took two more along the straight, putting her in the lead by the end of the lap!

Sarah held the lead, having a huge battle with Howard Kayman, including on one occasion him getting a tow and overtaking on the pit straight, only for Sarah to immediately re-take the lead on the inside of the craner curves! She then held the lead all the way to the chequered flag, taking her first ever win! Sarah also took the Fastest Lap of the race.

Having won Race 1, Sarah started on Pole for Race 2. She unfortunately didn’t get such a great start this time and lost out 2 places going down the Craner Curves. She managed to get one place back after Coppice and crossed the line after the first lap in 2nd. Then, as she was going into Redgate, almost side by side with Charlie Burt, Burt started to turn into her! Sarah kept her foot in so Burt speared across the front of her car and hit the other side! The sill skirt of her car got detached and caught in Burts wheel arch. This caused him to roll off the circuit (literally) and Sarah was left down in 4th and, for the first lap or so thereafter, with some major braking issues! Fortunately, these seemed to resolve themselves so Sarah turned her attention to catching up again.

By lap 4, Sarah had clawed her way back to 2nd place and just had David Moore ahead of her.

Sarah then did what she could to catch David Moore who was in the lead but simply ran out of laps and crossed the line just 1.667 seconds behind Moore.
All in all, a very satisfactory weekend!

Sarah reflected “I was really pleased with the result of this weekend. We’ve had limited running in the car so to take a win, a second place, a pole position and fastest lap was more than I ever expected. I’m now looking forward to the second round at Castle Combe!”

Photo by Marc Waller