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Anders Krohn JTCCOn August 12th and 13th, rounds 11 and 12 of the JTCC will be held. However with the number 14 car missing, in the form of Anders Krohn. ”At the moment it is the only solution we have.” commented Krohn.

It was a short notice, but Anders Krohn will not be competing at Sweden’s quickest track, Anderstorp this weekend. The reason being safety issues. Every race to date have been filled with technical difficulties, and latest was brake-problems. ”I will not risk coming to Anderstorp with no brakes at the end of the straight or any other technicalities worrying me.” a disappointed Krohn says.

”Trust takes a long time to build up, but only a tenth of a second to tear down” as my personal trainer (Petter Dalen) once said. It`s true also about the car. At the moment I have no trust whatsoever in the car as some malfunctions always seem to come up. Then driving at Swedens longest straight before a sharp corner doesn`t help either.” Krohn admits that he needs testing with the car before entering any race with it, in order to regain trust.

”For this weekend however, I will practice with my ICC-kart, and for why I will tell you later.” A secretive Krohn says about a certain upcoming challenge. ”Exciting!” is Anders`ending words.

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Podium? No!

Jul 30

Yesterday, July 29th, Anders Krohn finally got his first podium of the season in race two with a great and hard fought 3rd place. However, the joy was shortlived as Krohn was disqualified only minutes later. ”I still don’t get my head around how they can do this!” was Krohns first reaction after the race.

On Friday practice, technical problems emerged and while session one was destroyed due to electrical problems, session two was stopped with brake-problems. Qualifying was therefore no big success, and Krohn finished in 8th.

Race one and the rain was poring down. Krohn took an undramatic 6th place on the flooded track. ”When I passed for 6th, the gap to the leading group were may seconds, so I decided to stay calm and secure 6th place.”

Race two however was to be something of another dimension. Krohn got off the start in 3rd place, and finished the race in the same position. But the race wasn’t that easy. Whilst struggling to keep up 3rd place, Anders was blue flagged. (Blue flag is only given to the drivers caught by one or more laps and mean they have to slow down and let the other drivers past). ”It must be the first time in history that someone figthing for 3rd place gets the blue flag. It’s according to the rules, only allowed to blue flag a driver caught by one or more laps, and I was some metred behind the leaders!” After the finish, Krohn was ready to celebrate, but instead was called to the judges. Disqualified for ignoring the blue flag! ”They said to me that they gave me the blue flag because the drivers behind me was quicker and I wouldn`t let them past. So therefore, when I ignored the blue flag they disqualified me.”

”I fought clean the whole race through, and didn`t do anything wrong! I was pushed by the drivers behind the entire race, but they never got by me, and when they complained to the judges, I was disqualified.” Krohn says disappointed. Last race in Sweden, Krohn got a 2nd place taken away from him, and now also a 3rd taken away. Anders Krohn ending with the words ”Something insn`t quite right.”

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Between July 15.-16th newly crowned National karting-Champion Anders Krohn drove rounds 7 and 8 of the JTCC. The results were not representative as to what could have been the outcome. ”There is nothing more to say than that it’s incedible how much can happen!” says Krohn.

Pre-race practice started on Thursday prior to the races, but Krohn only got 2 out of 4 sessions due to technical problems. On Friday however, it proved better for Krohn and he felt confident before qualifying. ”In the qualifying I had too much air pressure, so instead of getting a top 4 qualifying, I had to settle for 8th.”

Race 1 went ok for Krohn and he finished 6th without much to say about the race. The Second race was red-flagged after a huge crash in which also Anders was involved. ”I flew sky-high after hitting a bump on the outside of the track, and then regained at the last spot.” The race was red-flagged. After the restart, Krohn was a great 2nd before recieving a Drive-through penalty for apparently having changed lanes before the red lights were turned off. ”When I came out of the pits again, I was in last place. To make things even worse, when I was catching some of the backmarkers, my ignition proved faulty so I had to drive slowly to the end of the race.”Krohn says.

”It`s absolutely bananas out there!” is Krohn`s basic summary of the JTCC-weekend and season so far. ”To make things even worse, it seems as if I am in a steam of bad luck where I haven`t capitalized on my speed once.” Next race in the JTCC calendar is Norwegian Våler, July 29th.

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Anders KrohnOne third of the JTCC season is now over, and Anders Krohn came home from rounds 5 and 6 pointless. In qualifying, Krohn could only finish 11th as problems with the suspension emerged. Even though the speed was better in the races, no points were collected during Krohns visit to Mantorp Park.

In the first race however, Krohn climed from P11 on the grid to 5th by mid-race, only to retire with a gear link that came loose. ”I was really annoyed by this happening as it keeps me from posting good results as well as vital championship points.” This meant Krohn would have to start from P15 on Sunday`s race, a situation Krohn would rather avoid. ”If I were to finish 5th in the first race, I would start 4th in the second race as the first eight finishers are turned around for Sunday`s race.” But Krohn got off to a great start from P15 and was by mid-race up to 7th place and on his way to 6th when the worst possible scenario became reality. ”I was on my way past another driver, when he suddenly decided to fend me off and hit me. It resultet in a massive crash which destroyed the entire front of my car. I was lucky to be able to finish.” Said Krohn that limped past the checkered flag outside of the points in 11th place.

But now Anders is eying new challenges. On June 24-25th he is driving the Norwegian national karting championship in the ICC category. ”It will be nice returning to karting, and I am hoping it will take some focus off the nightmare-weekend I have just had.” Krohn says opportunistic.

Anders KrohnTwo days ago, Anders Krohn got his first points in the JTCC by finishing 5th. One day ago he continued the feat and finished 6th at swedish Karlskoga. ”Im quite happy with the results” was Krohn`s immediate reaction.

Krohn came to rounds 3 and 4 better prepared than the first two rounds. ”This time I got four stints behind the wheel before going to qualifying.” But when it was time for qualifying, brake problems emerged and Anders could only finish 8th.

Race 1 went very well and Anders captured 4 points by finishing 5th. ”The first race went very well and I was happy with my position as it was my ambition to finish top 6.” Race 2 was a bit more trouble filled and despite being in 2nd place for some laps, Krohn had to settle for 3 points and 6th. ”I was a bit disappointed with the outcome of race 2 since I was up to 2nd place, but I simply didn`t have enough speed to finish higher than 6th”. Yet still Krohn is satisfied with his weekend. ”All in all I can`t complain. I reached my ambition of being top 6 in both races, and the progression has been great. Maby we can go even higher next time out!” a happy Anders Krohn finishes.

Rounds 5 and 6 of the championship will be held at Mantorp Park, June 17th and 18th.

Anders KrohnAfter just coming home from Knutstorp Sweden, Anders Krohn is disappointed with his season start in the Junior Touring Car Championship. Two non-point finishes aren’t what Krohn had hoped for.

But the result of the weekend started a long time before the races. Krohn arrived at Knutstorp in Sweden without any preseason testing in his car.

“Coming to the race without testing is the worst scenario possible, but I tried to make the best out of it.” Not only this, but when it was time for the practice sessions, Anders drove neither due to clutch failure. Krohn started qualifying not having done one fast lap yet in his car, and he only got 5 laps. Result: 14th.

Race 1 was not really good. Some problems with gearing and no speed at all meant Krohn had to settle for 15th. Race 2 was a bit better, but at the start Krohn found himself in the middle of a car hamburger, and fell back to last place. He managed to capture 11th at the end, but later got a 30 second penalty for having hit another driver. Result: 14th.

“You could say it was a nightmare weekend. We came to the track unprepared, and had bad luck during the races itself.” Krohn says disappointed. “We need a lot of testing to be competetive, but the speed in race 2 shows we might be battling for points the next race.”

The next race will be held at swedish Karlskoga, may 27th-28th. “It can`t get much worse, so I’m looking forward to the next race. With pre-race testing though.” Krohn finishes.

Only one week left until Anders Krohn makes his car racing debut in the Junior Touring Car Championship. The multiple karting champion decided to race cars in 2006 after completing a good 2005 season in karting becoming scandinavian champion, Gigacup International Champion, KNA Champion, Automobile driver of the year, and ranked as 17th in the world.

“I was really happy with my 2005 season, but now all eyes are turned fonryard as I am entering a new era of my career” Krohn says. Anders will be driving for RM Motorport using an Peugeot 206 xs car, the same model that was used to win last years championship. “RM Motorsport is a great team with great management as well as fellow team-mates. We have a great atmosphere in the team!” Krohn adds.

Now he is ready to make his mark at the first round of JTCC, which will be held at Swedish Knutstorp, May 13th and 14th. “I haven’t been able to test alot before the two first rounds of the championship, yet I am positive and ready for the Challenge.” It will also be Krohn’s first time at the Knutstorp track. “Its true that I have never driven on the track before, but I have watched quite alot of inboard videos of the track just to get an impression of what it is llke.”

“I’m highly motivated for the upcoming races and season, and looking forward to the challenges ahead.” Krohn Finishes.