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Category: Maxi Endurance 48

New teams all over Europe are working on their projects to participate in the MAXI ENDURANCE 48. Speed Lover (Belgium), GC Automobile (France) or RCA Racing (Spain) are some of these new racing teams looking for drivers in order to race.

MAXI ENDURANCE 48 has received new requests from teams all over Europe to participate in its first edition held at Circuito de Navarra on March 14-17. Speed Lover, from Belgium, GC Automobile, from
France, or the Catalan team led by Josep María Montaner, RCA Racing, are some names currently in talks with several drivers to close their racing projects for this challenge consisting of 48 hours.

Speed Lover is one of the best Belgian endurance teams, taking part in classic events such as Spa-Francorchamps or Zolder 24 hours races, where they were able to take class win. The Belgium´s team
plans to field a Porsche 997 Cup 2012 in “Maxi Cup”. Regarding GC Automobile is another French endurance specialist, mainly with its GC10-V6, a very reliability car with chances for fighting for top-places in MAXI ENDURANCE 48.

When talking about motorsport in Spain, RCA Racing is sure one of the most important names. This team from Catalunya has a rich history taking part in GT and touring car championships, achieving important successes in the Iberian Peninsula and owning a winning background.

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MAXI ENDURANCE 48 is a milestone in motorsport history. The organization, the track and the teams are ready for the challenge. In the future history books will mention these drivers racing in the longest race in the world, a distant March of 2013. Last but not at least, the microclimate in Los Arcos is a guarantee for celebrating the race with excellent weather conditions.

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Autorlando SportAutorlando Sport is a Porsche factory team, with twenty years of experience, and more than thirty-five in motorsport for the team owner Orlando Redolfi, they attend in international and national championship in the last 10 year with Porsche RSR, GT3 R and Cup. They manage also historic rally Gr. 4 cars.

Orlando Redolfi, Team Principal of Autorlando Sport talks with Maxi Endurance 48 about their plans and motivation to do this 48h race:

What do you think of Maxi Endurance 48? Do you like the challenge?
OR. “I think it’s an extreme formula, challenging and intriguing. You should make for double all the preparation strategy in all filed we are used to do for a 24h races. Drivers and team should find the best combination to preserving the car and the engine and the gearbox. Essential will be managing human resources: drivers, mechanics, technicians, will have to be at their top for 48 hour + at least 6/8 hours for the preparation of the start, will be a strong mental and physical challenging. At least but not last, lots of passion and work!”

What do you like most about this special race?
OR. “I like it because it is a new challenge and big, unknown but at the same time exciting. Only imagining how will be the resources management and unexpected fact before the finish line, only this idea bring rush adrenaline in all our veins.”

What kind of car will you use for this race?
OR. “We are planning to attend at this extreme race with our Porsche GT3 R at high top conditions, considering reliability this car showed in the endurance races. Moreover we are working in finding budget and drivers for a second car like GT3 Cup, in order to keep down the fixed costs, and have more possibility in finding the budget”.

Are you still looking for drivers?
OR. “Yes, because finding the right combination in this context of economic global crisis is not easy. It will be an expensive commitment and being a new event, there will be to work to attract the interest of sponsors and drivers.”

See you at the longest circuit race in the World?
OR. “The intention is to be present and to face the competition with the goal to be the protagonist”

Team’s Contact:
If you are interested in knowing more about Autorlando Sport, please contact the team at the following:
Autorlando Sport
Rossella Redolfi
+39 33 88 364 356

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BMW M3Plans continue to progress for this exciting new challenge, designed for lovers of strategy and endurance racing. John Cowan, Team Principal of Spirit Motorsport talks with us about their plans and motivation to do this 48h race:

What is Spirit Motorsport Ltd?
JC. “We are a motorsport team specialised in providing a full management service for aspiring GT racing drivers, helping them to harness their talent – and to take them all the way to participating in and winning the Le Mans 24 Hours.

The company is made up of 3 divisions undertaking different roles. These include the racing team, driver management services and the brokerage of race and road cars.

We provide tailored packages for racing drivers so that they can reach their own personal goals for either testing or racing, along with full PR and hospitality support.”

What kind of car will you use for this race?
JC. “BMW M3 E46 in the MAXI CUP category. This is a fast, rugged and well-proven package with which we have had a lot of experience – and success. A similar car just won the recent Silverstone 24 Hours; there is no reason why a well-run E46 cannot do the same in the longest race in the world!”

What do you think of Maxi Endurance 48? Do you like the challenge?
JC. “The concept of a 48 Hour race greatly excites us. Normally in endurance the distance is anything from 3 to 24 hours with factors such as driver fitness, fuel use, tyre wear and changing weather meaning that strategy has to be dynamic. Here that challenge is doubled with more factors such as driver and crew fatigue playing a greater role.”

What do you like most about this special race?
JC. “It is a BIG challenge. If taking part in a 24 Hour race is the motorsport equivalent of climbing Everest, then the Maxi Endurance 48 Hours is like a trip to the moon.”

Are you still looking for drivers?
JC. “Yes, we still have several seats available in what we believe will be a very competitive package, targeting a strong overall result.”

See you at the longest circuit race in the World?
JC. “Absolutely. We’ll be there!”

Team´s Contact:
If you are interested in knowing more about Spirit Motorsport, please contact the team at the following:

John Cowan
+44 (0) 1603 759425 (office)
+44 (0) 7899 093794 (mobile)

For more information on the MAXI ENDURANCE 48H please visit or contact

Norma M20Pro Race is the first Spaniard team taking part in the race with a Maxi Prototype car – a Norma-built M20 FC-, while JSB Competition is lining-up a SEAT León Supercup, being the first team from France in the MAXI ENDURANCE 48.

MAXI ENDURANCE 48, the longest race celebrated in motorsport ever, keeps improving its entry list for the maiden event scheduled next March. Recently two new teams have joined the entry list confirming their participation in MAXI ENDURANCE 48: Pro Race and JSB Competition.

Pro Race is a Spaniard team fielding a Norma M20 FC for the Maxi Prototype class, at the moment with no less than six CN cars already present. It´s worth to point out that this team is the first one of Spanish nationality participating with a CN car in the MAXI ENDURANCE 48. With rather experience in several championships for this sort of vehicles, now Pro Race approaches the most demanding challenge in racing.

In regards to JSB Competition, a French team led by Julien Briche, will race a SEAT León Supercopa for Maxi Sport class. JSB Competition is the first confirmed team from France and they have an important background in GT and touring car racing and everything is set for its debut in MAXI ENDURANCE 48.

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SEAT LEON SC pistaHi Jaime, as the director responsible for SEAT Sport, when you first heard that this new and historic initiative was emerging in Spain, what went through your head?

JP. I found it to be an interesting challenge – a serious opportunity for car mechanics and drivers who will want to participate because the Maxi Endurance 48 competition is up there with the great challenges that we have seen today in other sports.

What do you think of Maxi Endurance 48?

JP. Given the new format of the race, I am convinced that for the drivers it will be very exciting to participate. It will be a demanding competition for both drivers and vehicles.

When you mentioned this race to teams and drivers, what has been their reaction? Did they like the challenge?

JP. They like the challenge and are attracted to the opportunity, and our customers are convinced that they have a great car with which to accept this Challenge.

What attracts you most of this special race?

JP. The demand and the challenge for ALL members of the team and the skills they will need to show when developing and implementing the strategy to win the race.

Do you think the SEAT Leon Super Cup is a right car for this challenge? Why?

JP. The SEAT Leon Super Cup has spent years proving to be a reliable car in endurance racing. Many customers have trusted it to 24h contests with very good results. I’m sure the SEAT Leon Super Cup
will continue to demonstrate high reliability in a 48h challenge. Even the SEAT Ibiza SC Trophy would be an excellent car for the Challenger, even though it is clearly not as fast as the SEAT Leon.

Your cars have already proven to be competitive on endurance racing, but now they face a new race without any referente; what do you think can be the keys to success? What do you think the strategy is based on?

JP. The ideal strategy for this demanding race should be based on going fast – but still taking good care of the car mechanically!

Thanks for your time and see you at the longest circuit race in the World, Maxi Endurance 48¡

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Escuela Española de PilotosEscuela Española de Pilotos is a racing team that participates in various disciplines of motorsport and is highly specialized in endurance racing. They compete at Britcar, VdeV and 24 hour races. They have achieved 18 titles, including in Formula Ford, Formula 3, Formula Toyota, Porsche Cup, GT, Classics and more… Their most recent achievements include successes in the Spanish GT Championship GT Light in 2009 and 2010 and in GTV4 in the VdeV in 2011 and 2012. Not to mention winning the 500 km of Motorland in 2009, 2010 and 2012.

Maxi Endurance 48h interviewed Javier Morcillo, Team Director:

It is clear that endurance is your specialty. With what type of cars are you making these races?
JM. Cars like Ginetta GT4 or Mosler GT2. The Ginetta, which will run this race, is a car made specifically for endurance races. It is reinforced and designed for this discipline. It is the world’s fastest tank!

What do you think of Maxi Endurance 48? Do you like the challenge?
JM. Very much, it is undoubtedly the greatest challenge in the world for a car and a racing team. It is something new – and I don´t think anyone that has to do with endurance race will want to miss it.

What do you find so special about this race?
JM. Being the first is always very attractive. Drivers and teams that compete will be part of Motorsport History. On the sportive level is very attractive as a challenge for any amateur or professional from any angle. If we want to be the best team, this is the place and time to prove it.

Have you already completed the team?
JM. It is not completely finished. The technical team is the usual one, and is not only already formed, but is in great shape! The team of drivers is beginning to appear. We would love to have our regular drivers running together. At this time we are still looking for three more drivers for the places not yet confirmed.

What is your fare for the Ginetta per driver?
JM. We operate on € 19,000 per place. But it is noteworthy that we actually have three cars for that price, as we will have a second car as spare car plus a third whole car in parts. We will finish this race. Unless there is an accident, we will be in the end for sure. Our infrastucture is very strong, as we come to this race not just to participate, but to try to win.

What kind of drivers do you have? Who are your customers?
JM. Drivers specialized in endurance races. Our regular drivers make, in each season, six races of 6 hours each. They are well prepared and they know exactly how to bring a car to the finish consuming the least possible and driving as fast as possible. It’s really hard to get a group of drivers more prepared. I would be surprised to see a better team on the grid. I’m very proud of what our drivers have achieved in recent years.

What do your drivers think about the 48h?
JM. They are excited. They know it means to become part of the history of motorsport – and they want to be there. From day one that we talked about this race, a smile appeared on their faces… and that is something we love!

See you at the longest circuit race in the World?
We’ll be there! Maybe better to say’ See you at the podium’?…

Maxi Endurance 48h tyre manufacturer Hankook have been selected to become the exclusive tyre supplier to the world’s longest endurance race, the MAXI ENDURANCE 48H at Navarra/Spain. The MAXI ENDURANCE 48H race will take place from 14th – 17th March 2013. The world’s first 48 hour endurance race poises new challenges in terms of strategy and endurance racing and will be supervised by the Spanish Automobile Federation. With Hankook as the exclusive supplier, the successful Ventus race tyres line will be used in the categories MAXI GT, MAXI CUP, MAXI SPORT, MAXI TOURING and MAXI PROTOTYPE.

“Hankook is truly excited to be a part of this exceptional event which will be one of the most demanding circuit races in the motorsport scene and the first of its kind. For us as a tyre supplier, the biggest challenge is certainly to provide a tyre that delivers on the key success criteria of high performance, maximum safety and consistency at a premium level. Hankook’s tyres must work equally well with all cars under these outstandingly challenging conditions and demanding circuit.” explains Manfred Sandbichler, Director Motorsport at Hankook Tire Europe.

It is Hankook’s development philosophy to provide teams and drivers with tyres that satisfy all essential elements of performance such as braking, traction, steering response as well as stability, durability and of course safety. With Hankook’s Ventus slicks and rain tyres, both teams and drivers can rely on extremely high-capacity tyres that combine perfect handling and a long service life into optimum performance in all track and weather conditions.

“Being able to trust the tyres is a key factor in motor racing, particularly for the pilots that will be on the grid in Navarra, facing both an extreme mechanical and personal challenge. Our successful engagement in various European premium racing series and events has proved that our Ventus race tyres are fully equipped to cope with extreme challenges and we are looking forward to many impressive racing moments in Navarra.” adds Sandbichler.

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Maxi PrototypeDue to requests from several European teams competing in the thriving CN prototype category, the organizing committee of Maxi Endurance 48, in collaboration with the Spanish Automobile Federation, will authorize a new category for CN prototypes. These vehicles must conform to Art: 259 Technical Regulations for Production Cars Sport CN 2013. with the exception of the fuel tank capacity which will be limited to 45 litres for the 48h event.

This means that now the fight for outright victory in the 48h, is also open to these exciting sports protptype. Considering the speed potential of the CN in respect to the Maxi GT category, the organizing committee has made the decisión to limit the capacity of the fuel tank of the CN cars to ‘level the playing field’. This new category will be called MAXI PROTOTYPE.

For more information on the MAXI ENDURANCE 48H please visit or contact

Lucas OrdoñezLucas Ordonez, is a Spanish driver with an international racing career, and is used to participating in the best endurance races around the world. He speaks about Maxi Endurance 48.

Hi Lucas, as a driver with experience in endurance racing, what do you think of Maxi Endurance 48?
L.O. The first time I heard about Maxi Endurance 48, I thought this was going to be crazy! If 24 hours of racing are demanding, 48h will be extremely challenging for both the team and for the mechanics. I love challenges and thrills, so for that reason I believed and supported this project from the beginning.

Would you like to participate in a challenge like this and why?
L.O. I would love to for various reasons. For several years I have been an official Nissan driver competing in the most prestigious international races (Le Mans, Nurburgring 24h, Dubai, Spa24h …) and this race would be an amazing experience and a challenge . Teamwork during 48h race is the key and that’s what I like.

What do you like most about this race?
L.O. The first thing that attracts me is that the race is going to be held in Spain. In the 4 years competing for Nissan I have never competed at home and it would be very special. The atmosphere will be unique, the number of drivers per car, the mechanical challenge attracts me a lot and the strategies. The driver´s costs are another incentive to participate, with more drivers, costs will be shared, so among the prizes and a lower cost than a 24h race, make this race very attractive worldwide.

Lucas OrdoñezWhat do you think would be the best strategy?
L.O. The strategy will be as in any other endurance race but doubled, the tyres and fuel consumption. Above all it will be important to take good care of the mechanical aspects of the car. Navarra´s circuit will be very demanding on the brakes for example, so the team with fewer pit stops for replacement of parts will be favorite.

Do you think the mechanic of the car is a handicap or with a proper care, it does not have to be a problem?
L.O. In endurance we always say that “anything can happen in 24 hours.” Everything depends on the way of driving, to measure the life of the parts to function properly. The more you work on your car to know and understand how does it works, it will be the car to beat.

I imagine you have talked to a lot of drivers and teams about Maxi Endurance 48? What is the feedback from people in the industry?
L.O. 48h??? Its amazing! That’s what some international drivers told me. For a driver it is a fantastic opportunity.

Lucas, tell us about your plans in the short and medium term.
L.O. As you know I am Nissan official driver since I won the Nissan GT Academy in 2008. This year I have competed in four 24h races (Dubai, Nurburgring, Le Mans and Spa). Besides I am test driver in Delta Wing. And I also compete in ELMS with Nissan LMP2 Greaves. I drove in the WEC 6h at Silverstone with Martin Brundle and now I am at Petit Le Mans (USA) driving the Delta Wing.

Thank you for your time and hope to see you at Maxi Endurance 48.
L.O. I hope and encourage all who love motorsport and endurance, to try this very special and unique event. I am sure that the challenge and the prize money will attract many drivers, this is what we need, incentives like this to make the race profitable for the best in each category!

About Lucas Ordoñez: Lucas, competed for several years in the National Karting but after several years competing he could not find the budget to continue his career. In 2001 he left competition behind to focus on his studies. After several years of inactivity, he joined the GT Academy with PlayStation 3. Out of 25,000 participants from all over Europe, he managed to win the European final held at the British circuit of Silverstone.

After winning the GT Academy. He joined Nissan as official Playstation driver, driving in the 2009 24h of Dubai and the FIA GT4 European Cup where he finished second. In 2011 he finished second in the LMP2 class at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. After a busy season he took the drivers ILMC title in the LMP2 class.

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