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In front of 98.000 spectators, Anders Krohn took a dominant win in the season finale in the Dutch & Benelux Formula Ford Championship, held at Zandvoort in the Netherlands. The winning margin was a huge 5,127 seconds. ”I am absolutely thrilled about the race. After a brief Safety-Car period, I took the lead and after that never looked back. It`s only a shame we missed out on the Championship title by one single point, as we have been the dominant force in the second half of the season.” Krohn says

Qualifying went very well indeed for Anders Krohn, setting the fastest time for both races by a margin of over 0,4 seconds. With this, Krohn has captured 9 pole positions in only 15 races. ”We are always able to do a great job with qualifyings. The car works really good and I am using the new tires to its fullest. I am really happy for the pole positions, and it comes to show the great speed we have.” ends a happy Krohn.

Race 1 and the rain had fell. It was decision time in the pits on whether to go on used or new rain tires, with Anders Krohn and his team choosing the latter of the two options. This decision would prove to be the wrong one as the track dried up more than expected. As the start went, Anders was able to take the lead and by lap 2 had a gap of some 2 seconds. On lap 3 however, the problems started and Krohn rushed down the order to eventually finish 4th with destroyed tires. ”This was just one of those races which you want to forget as soon as possible. After lap 2, the car was undriveable, so I swithced from race-winning modus, to stay-on-the-track modus. I am looking forward to tomorrows race.” said Krohn directly after the race.

Race 2 was filled with sun and a fully packed stadium. Krohn got off to yet another good start to lead until the end of lap 1 when he was slipstreamed and overtaken. A few seconds later, the Safety-Car signs came out following a huge crash in the Audi-S chicane. After the restart, Krohn quickly retook the lead and started pulling out a gap, to eventually finishing 5,127 seconds in front of the second placed driver. With this, it looked like Anders had the Benelux Championship sealed, but when two drivers went off on the penultimate lap, promoting Championship leader to 5th, Krohn lost the championship by a mere point. ”This was maybe my best victory this season! Huge crowds and sponsors at the event set the stage, and then to go out and dominate in the way we did, is nothing short of fantastic! It`s only a shame about the Championship. We have been so fast for the majority of the season, but haven`t quite had the luck of the championship-winner.” were Krohn`s immidiate thoughts after the race.

Both the Dutch and Benelux Championships are now concluded, with Anders Krohn as runner-up in both Championships. It has been a great debut year in single-seaters for Anders, capturing 9 pole positions, 6 race wins and 11 podiums in 15 races. Krohn has been the dominant force the latter part of the season, winning 5 of the seasons last 6 races. ”It has been a brilliant first year in formula-cars. With all the podiums, race wins and pole positions, I couldn`t ask for too much more except for the Championship title. But I`m keeping my eyes straight for the moment as the Formula Ford Festival is coming up soon, and I want to do my best at the worlds biggest Formula Ford race.” ends Krohn

The Formula Ford Festival will be held at Brands Hatch in Great Britain on October 20-21.

Anders Krohn has just completed his first visit to the famous Spa Francorchamps-track in Belgium, and coming home with mixed emotions. Another two podiums, but not the outcome Krohn had hoped for.

The Spa-circuit was totally different from what Anders had ever driven on, but it was clear from practice-session one that this was to be no big disadvantage. In qualifying, Vuik Racing and Anders Krohn put their car on pole-position for both Race 1 and Race 2 with two stunning flying laps. On pole for Race 1 with 0.569 sec and just over 0.4 sec for Race 2. This now means Krohn has had pole-position for the last 4 races this season. ”It just seems like we are able to pull something extra out of our hat in qualifying compared to the competition. Once again, my car was nothing but perfect!” says an optimistic Krohn after qualifying.

Race 1 was to be Anders` first encounter with a wet track, and rain-tyres. His start was terrible falling back to 5th by the entrance of Eau Rouge, only to regain to 2nd in a real late braking manouvre in the coming right-left section. After that Krohn finished his first race in the rain in 2nd place, not quite capable of moving up to 1st. ”The rain on the track was unbelievable. When it rains at Spa, it rains big-time! I couldn`t see anything. Behind the leader I couldn`t even see my own pitboard, not to mention the checquered flag. When the leader slowed down on the start/finish straigh, I realised that the race was over, not before.” says a happy Krohn, which did a close to perfect first race in the rain.

Race 2 must go down in the history books as one of the most special. The race started off in a good way for Anders, who took the start from pole and held on to the lead for the first half of the race. Mid-way in the race the 2nd placed driver was about 100 metres behind Anders, and thereby managed to catch Anders`draft. From here on it was a tough battle for 1st, and it looked like Anders closed the battle when he passed on the outside coming into Eau Rouge 2 laps before the end. However, on the last lap Anders was slipstreamed on the straight and passed easily, with no chance of answering before the chequered flag was shown. ”It was a highly special race, and also a bit irritating, as I was faster in the corners, but could not escape the incredible slipstream-effects of Spa Francorchamps. On the last lap on the longest straigh, I was not only slipstreamed, but totally passed many metres before the upcoming corner, and then there was nothing more to be done!”

After the race though, controversy rose, when the 1st-placed driver was penalised for a jump-start, meaning the victory was given to Anders Krohn. However, Racing is sometimes a harsh world and suddenly the penalty was taken away. ”It`s strange how you can escape from a thing like that. Many drivers and marshals could confirm the jump-start, but somehow it was no longer a thing to be penalised for.”

Anders Krohn comes home from a successful weekend, but knowing that it should have been just that tad better. ”We have really shown our speed now. Coming to a new track and putting it on pole by over half a second, shows that we are doing something right. I am also happy with my pace in the wet, without ever having driven on it, and the set-up of the car being as good on wet as on the dry.”

Krohn has now moved up to 2nd in the Benelux Formula Ford Championship and hoping to improve further when the Benelux champs continues at Zolder on August 4th and 5th. But first up for Krohn are the coming rounds in the Dutch Championship, which will be held at Assen NL on July 7th and 8th. ”I`m really looking forward to the coming races. We have great speed and now it`s just a matter of putting the pieces into the puzzle.”

Anders KrohnAfter just returning home from the Netherlands and Circuit Park Zandvoort, there was nothing but smiles around Anders Krohn and his debut races in the Dutch and Benelux Formula Ford Championships. The Norwegian managed to notch up two great 3rd places. ”This was the dream opening for me, first races in Formula-cars and already on the podium!”

On Saturday April 7th the timed-practice was held, as well as race 1. Krohn was a bit unfortunate during qualifying with traction-problems meaning he had qualified 6th for race 1 and 4th for race 2. Race 1 was not to be the greatest race, as gear-problems emerged in the start and Krohn fell down to 13th place, only to regain terrain and finish 9th.

On Monday April 9th, Race 2 and Race 3 were held. Race 2 start went better this time off, but falling down to a 5th place, only to capture 4th by the end of lap 2. The first half of the race, Krohn had problems finding grip and struggled to keep up with the leading trio. After some laps, Krohn caught up with the 3rd positioned driver and did a brave move to take 3rd place. ”Coming out on the straight, the guy in front was trying to fend me off, so I decided to stay on the outside for turn one which is a hairpin called ”Tarzan”. I decided to brake real late into the corner, and thereby managed to snatch 3rd place in a hairy way.” Krohn smiles. From there on, Krohn was pushed hard, but just managed to finish 3rd. What a start to the debut season in Formula Ford.

Race 3 start went bad for Krohn as the Gear-problems emerged once again. But Anders`pace was very high, and after falling back to 7th in the start, was right up there with the leaders after two laps. ”I was really on the move, and just as I had catched up with the leaders, my team mate Henk Vuik got a hole in his radiator causing cooling-fluid to hit my tires. >From there on and in it was like driving on ice.” Krohn remembers. Henk Vuik later retired from the race. Anders Krohn just managed to hold on to 3rd place, finishing 0.061 sec in front of 4th place.

”All in all I am more happy than I thought possible. To come down here and get on the podium right away was just great! I didn`t expect it to come this soon, but most things have been working out very well. Next race we will be seeking even further perfection, and hopefully improve our results even more.” Krohn points out that the close work with the team was the key to the results, and would like to thank Vuik Racing so much for their efforts during this weekend.

Already on Friday April 13th, Anders will be on his way to the Netherlands again for more testing before the next races which will again be held at Circuit Park Zandvoort and the dates being May 26-28. ”I just cannot wait until the continuation of this season. We have kicked it off in a great way, and hope to make it even greater.” Anders Krohn ends.

Anders KrohnToday in a press-conference at Trallfa Industrier AS` headquarters, it was revealed what Anders Krohn will be driving in 2007. ”It`s been a long wait, but finally I can say it out loud what I am driving this year.” a happy Krohn states.

Anders is in for a massive year, competing in no less than tree different championships, but in the same category though. He will be driving Formula Ford powered by the all new Duratec engine in the Dutch and Benelux Championships, as well as the Formula Ford Festival (World Finals) in the end of October. ”I am absolutely chuffed to have got the possibility of driving so many races this year. This means that I can gain experience in a short amount of time, and hopefully scoring good results as well!”

Krohn is about to embark on a new era of his career when the season starts at Zandvoort in the Netherlands, April 7th. Making the move from Gokarts to Formula-cars will be a tough, yet very exciting experience for Krohn. The reasons for chosing the Dutch and Benelux championships are several. First of all, it`s known that the competition will be fierce with already 22 cars registered for the series, and most of them are returning drivers with one or several years of experience in Formula Fords. The races will be held mainly in the Netherlands and Belgium, but with the Formula Ford festival being held in Great Britain. Formula Ford has also been the starting place of most famous race car drivers such as Michael Schumacher, Jenson Button and Mark Webber. ”I know that when entering this championship, I will be spared of nothing. I will have to get right in it and the possibilities for me to develop as a racing driver are fenomenal. This years championships looks to be the toughest in years with drivers coming from the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Russia, Denmark, and of course, Norway, in the form of me!” Anders says.

For the 2007-season, Anders Krohn has opened up a Partner-pool called Trallfa Racing. The aim with the partner-pool is to have a relatively small, yet exclusive group of partners backing in on Krohn`s 2007 Formula car campaign. ”I am proud to present Trallfa Racing with Trallfa Industrier AS and Colosseum Dental AS as Main Sponsors, as well as Smith International Norway AS and Kruse Smith Entrepenør AS as Major Sponsors. In addition to this, I also have a fantastic group of partners backing me on my way. The Racing world is an exciting one, and being a full time racing driver is great.”

Now though, it`s all focus towards the opening round of the Dutch and Benelux Championships, April 7th on Zandvoort (NL). ”I tested my new 2007-car at Zandvoort once earlier this year, and it was a truly inspiring track. The track layout is just incredible, and I am so looking forward to setting my foot on Zandvoort again. I just want to get on with the season now, and go out there and do my best!”

Anders will be driving three races the first weekend, with Race 1 being on Saturday April 7th at 17.40, Race 2 on Monday April 9th at 10.00 and Race 3 on Monday April 9th at 16.00. All races can be viewed live at, and review of the races on RTL 6. Full report of the race, pictures and more can be found at shortly after the race.

Anders KrohnAfter returning home from Belgium yesterday, Anders Krohn is satisfied with his visit to the famous Belgian track Zolder where he tested Formula Ford for Vuik Racing.

”I had a great day at Zolder, and the test went very well indeed.”

After some work fitting the car for Anders, everything was set for the first stint which was to be ran on rain tires. As the sun didn`t quite let through the sun, the track took some time to warm up and eventually dry. ”The first half of the day was spent on rain tires. However it was a good learning curve to get right in it, and I got a good speed after some time getting to know the car.”

After lunch it was all set for slicks and Krohn immediatly improved his lap times. The progression was positive and even though the track was still wet in some places, Anders managed to set some respectable lap times on the challenging course. ”It was a great feeling to get the slicks on and the car became really responsive. Each and every lap I drove was with improved confidence and the circuit is quite something.”

Anders concluded his test with a smile on his mouth, as well as the team. Anders` mentor Walter van Lent was also on sight giving feedback every step of the way.

It has not yet been decided in what or where Anders will be competing in 2007, but Formula Ford in the Benelux and Dutch championships are one of the alternatives. These two championships have proven extremely competetive for the last decade and would certainly be a good opportunity for Anders to try and show his skills in a top international series.

”I am now in a so-called silly season where deals are being made with partners for 2007, and we are trying to work out where I will show up in 2007.”

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